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Remedial Astrology- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Since olden times, astrology and medicine have been inter-linked with each other. Medical diagnosis and treatment were based on birth chart of the patient or the query chart cast at the time of diagnosis. Good and bad omens were given due weight age while undertaking the treatment of a patient. Here attempt has been made to study the rationale of remedial astrology.


A modern doctor can diagnose only when the physical symptoms of the disease appear. Sometimes diagnosis precedes the stage of infection when it is beyond control. For example, cancer is almost beyond control of treatment when it is finally confirmed to be so. Sometimes only external treatment is given fruitlessly without caring for the real causes leading to development of some emotional blockage. Many a time even a slim person falls prey to the most comm or disease of blood pressure. Blood pressure can be temporarily normalised with the aid of medicine but the patient can be cured permanently only if the mental tension and strain are properly released.

An astrologer car be very helpful to the doctor in such cases. Birth chart can be easily interpreted to know what type of troubles a person is prone to suffer from . A pre-warning can help a person save himself from a serious attack. For example, if the lord of third house in the birth chart is afflicted with Rahu, Ketu or lord of sixth house, the native is prone to suffer from throat infection like tonsils. Ketu in fifth house causes mental convulsions and nervous tension very often.

If the eighth house is afflicted with Ketu and malefic planets, the native is more prone to suffer from secret troubles like piles and fistula etc. Likewise several other diseases associated with the planets in the birth chart. For instance, Ketu in the ascendant turns a man to be suspicious who very often remains under mental tension leading to the development of trouble from blood pressure He can be treated of high blood pressure only if his misconceptions and wrong whims are rectified. In this manner astrology helps to diagnose properly and directionality the right treatment. Once a woman underwent medical check up on my advice and it was found out that she had had a silent heart attack sometime before. She took necessary precautions in future and thus saved herself from a serious heart attack, of course.


Apart from modern medical science, there is a unique astrological remedial system comprising of different ways and means which are described in the following paragraphs.


Precious stones like Ruby, Diamond etc. are advised to be worn as envisaged through the study of planetary configurations at tilt.: time of birth. It is indeed interesting to observe that in astrology a particular stone is made to be worn in a ring or so, the ash of the same stone is advised to be taken orally for the Ayurvedic treatment of the same physical ailment. For example, an impotent needs to wear a Diamond ring and in Ayurvedic system of medicine he needs to swallow Mandur Bhasam i.e. the ash of diamond.

Astrologically yellow Sapphire is worn in epileptic cases, in Ayurvedaash of Yellow Sapphire is given orally. Examples can be multi-plied. Whereas the ash of the stone when taken orally reacts chemically on the physical organism, the same stone when mounted in a ring absorbs cosmic radiation and transmits to the body wherein bodily vibrations are affected. In both the cases, vibration control of the body is undertaken.

It may be mentioned here that sometimes a medicine has some reaction upon the body. Likewise a stone when mounted in a ring or so may also have some reaction on the wearer. Some people are allergic to some metals. Therefore a proper stone in a proper metal needs to be worn. One should not wear too many stones just like too many tonics without any biological need. A medical practitioner gives a medical dose for two days only before he gives a full dose of medicine. Similarly some stones have to be tested on auspicious days and auspicious nakshatras. Besides stones, some plant roots and beads like Rudraksh have a lot of occult influences.


Colours have a great occult value in astrology. Only selective colours are useful for a particular person. Even in medical science, green bandage is used by opthamological patients. According to astrology, specific colours are selected on the basis of signs, planets and birth date of the native. In colour therapy, a person short of a particular colour is exposed under the coloured glass in the Sun.

Or a glass bottle of a particular colour is filled with water and kept in the Sun for a few days before the water is served to the needy patient. In Kyrlian photography, aura is photographed and it has six different colours which go on changing in accordance with the mood of the person concerned. With the aid of colour therapy man can be freed from several troubles and tension resulting into the development of mental health, of course.


Astrology helps to treat some persons through the use of clove, cardamom and hypnotic water. Everyone knows that if a glass of water is placed on a magnet, the water is magnetised. It means that water absorbs some magnetic energy from the magnetic field and the same is released in every part of the body of the person who takes that water. Likewise some substances such as cloves, cardamoms etc. act as electric condensers wherein some occult energy is stored.

With the development of knowledge about high pitched radio waves in modern science, our knowledge about brain waves has been advanced. Strong brain waves, a sort of high pitched radio waves, are generated by a strong occultism and this energy is stored in hypnotised substances like cloves etc. The same energy is released when the hypnotised substance is taken orally by the subject concerned and it affects the person both physically and mentally as well.

This is secret of wonderful taste of the food served at the community kitchen in some holy places wherein the food had been prepared while reciting holy scriptures. Even the best spiced food is of no comparison with that. It is for this reason that even in kitchen of some very rich families the landlady will herself with a purity of mind cook food for his personal family whereas all other domestic work is done by servants. It is worth mentioning here that our -ancient knowledge states that one should not take food in the presence of others except they share the same with you. In fact sometimes the negative brain waves of an observer pollute the food which would not be properly digested by you.


In astrology, brain waves affect also through the medium of occult threads and amulets. More than this, the weak-minded people derive a sense of satisfaction and boosting of their morale day-in and day-out as such amulets etc. are regularly worn by them next to their skin, Their negative thinking is changed to positive, Such an effect is also produced through reciting some syllables and blowing air on the body of the. patient by the occultist.

But on the other hand the principles of mesmerism cannot be overlooked wherein the occultist transmits magnetic energy through brain waves to the patient. Recitation of different mantras produces different transmissions. But the secret of this wonderful phenomenon lies in the height of will power and strength of determination of the occultist. The present author with high will power and strong determination has applied psychological counselling through the recitation of only one mantra of his spiritual teacher, for curing troubles of different nature including restarting the regular menstrual cycle of a young woman of thirty years, curing of repeated abortions automatically and giving birth to a son and curing an old man of backache.


Some unique remedies like feeding dogs with laddoos, offering coconut to a stream of water etc. have been found to be very useful in remedial astrology. Such an action is generally repeated for at least forty days. When a person makes any such offering with devotion and purity of mind, he is detached from the worldly disturbances at least for some lime. This is a sort of spiritual bath.

A regular repetition brings a psychological change in his mind. His obsessions and expectations change and thus his thought process is changed resulting into his freedom from psychological stress and, strain. It is worth mentioning here that feeding the dogs with laddoos will help only if the action is done with devotion and respect for the dogs as if they. are our distinguished visitors.

The mental atmosphere of the donor is changed for some time under visual impressions of the different movements of the dogs. If this action is performed only at materialistic level so much so that the dogs are abused and beaten with a stick and then made to be served with laddoos, no good effect can be anticipated at all. The donor has to maintain a purity of mind and realise the precision minuteness of feelings to be merged into oneness with the dogs at that instant.



It is a powerful means of curing a patient through concentration upon the photograph of the patient. The occultist gets absorbed in the eyes of the person in photographs much so that he tends to become one with him. Thus he generates desired message in the form of high pitch radio waves emanating the form of brain waves.

A storm of brain waves thus generated is received by the person concerned located anywhere on earth. The occultist visualizes in imagination all that what he really wants to materialise. In fact the thought once generated gets materialised. It may be emphasized that if any occult performances are done only on physical plane, it yields no fruitful results. The occultist has to really live in the situation and visualise in concentrated thought all that he aims at developing in practice.

In the end, it may be worth-mentioning that remedial astrology acts under the norms of natural laws of science. To illustrate this point, any occultist, for example cannot make a mummified ‘corpse regain breath at any cost. In every street of the city, we find bogus occult astrologers who loot the innocent people like anything.

They really deserve public exposition by the rationalists. But the acts Of donation, propitiation and trataka imply unique and sublime infra structure of working principles of Nature at the metaphysical plane. It needs a systematic study followed by actual experiences in the spiritual field. Art occultist blessed with high will power, strong determination, and pure mind can diagnose and remedy the problems of general masses.


Occult knowledge and astrology are closely related. Astrology is half-baked without the knowledge of occultism. Astrology helps us to understand the past, present and future sequence of terrestrial events in the light of celestial phenomena. The art of application of astrological knowledge in the right context of time, place and situation makes the foundation stone of the science of occultism. It is said that once a learned astrologer after having completed his studies at Kashi, a famous seat of learning in occultism, was put to test by a farmer who enquired of what was contained in his closed fist containing a ring-type copper coin of old fashion.

The astrologer pondered over the question and replied that it contained something round with a hole at its center. The astrologer guessed as if it were a wheel of a cart. I lad he applied his common sense to check that a cart wheel was too big to be contained in a fist, he would have been regarded as a learned occultist. Thus it may be contemplated that occult knowledge is nothing but to use the astrological knowledge with all the common sense keeping in view the practical aspect of life.

Remedial Astrology- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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