Stock Market Nifty 50 Predictions for 29 Jan 2024 By Vinayak Bhatt
Posted by vinayakb | Stock Market Predictions

On January 29, 2024, the Nifty50 stock market is analyzed through a combination of astrological and technical factors to predict its potential trends throughout the day. The day falls on a Monday, ruled by the Moon, with the Tithi being Krishna Chaturthi. The Nakshatra for the day is Purva Phalguni, governed by Venus. The Yoga is Shobhana, and the Karana is Bava. It is important to note that the Nakshatra lord is inimical to the Day Lord.

During the market opening at 09:15, the Hora in operation is Saturn, which is also inimical to the Day Lord. This astrological alignment suggests a negative sentiment for the market.

The Lagna rising at the opening of the market is Aquarius. However, the Moon is transiting in Leo, and its dispositor, the Sun, is located in the 12th House. This configuration further indicates a negative influence on the market.

Now, let’s break down the hourly predictions for Nifty50 on January 29, 2024:

09:15: Bullish – A positive start to the trading day.
10:15: Bearish – The market sentiment turns negative.
11:15: Bearish – The bearish trend continues.
12:15: Bearish – The negative sentiment persists.
13:15: Bullish – A brief positive turnaround in the early afternoon.
14:15: Bullish – The bullish trend continues.
15:15: Bullish – The market closes on a positive note.
In summary, the astrological analysis and hourly breakdown suggest that the overall trend for the Nifty50 on January 29, 2024, leans towards a bearish sentiment. Despite some intermittent bullish periods, the day is predicted to close on a negative note. Traders and investors may want to exercise caution and consider risk management strategies in light of these astrological and technical indications.