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Qualities of an  Occult Astrologer–Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

An expert occultist appears to be physically sound and emotionally balanced exhibiting a peaceful radiation all around. 1 Ie can help suicidal and dejected personalities to restore emotional balance by improving their self-image. It may be mentioned here that once I boasted of my prediction regarding the suicidal attempt by an unlucky fellow. I was cautioned by the Listener that such predictions must be avoided because they simply encourage the fellow to do what appears to be his destiny, of course.

If an astrologer may modify his behavior in one way or the other, it would be no less than a charisma in the field occultism. The occultist should detect and discuss the short comings of his client in such a manner that he may not feel small in any manner, rather he should gain courage to solve the problem. Sometimes he can handle very typical problems in a rather magical way. To illustrate with an example, once a teenage girl was highly motivated for going into an inter-caste marriage but her mother would not survive if it takes place.

Through occult influence of psychological counselling, the girl was assured of her marriage at the desired place provided she was ready to remain childless as the boy was unfit to procreate. The girl spontaneously declined to marry there and thus the problem of the family was solved for ever. In fact the real problem of the girl was that she was quite strong and sturdy with the impression of growing fatty day by day. She may turn too fat to be accepted by some young boy, if she failed to avail of the aaeaaqaaaaaaaarzaaaajdvlmdbknjy0ltk0ytatndy1ms04njrhltmyymzhmgm5nmjkmqopportunity of being favourite of her present finance. This is why the girl was fascinated by the joy who otherwise in no way was an ideal for her. After the girl was hardier properly, she lived nicely with her mother. It may be emphasized that astrology coupled with occultism needs not to be delimited to the fact ‘two and two make four’ but the occult astrologer should try to delve deep into the realms of mind of the client and help him to find the most amicable solution of his problem.

An occultist is destined to help others rather than to intensify their problems. An astrologer is a divine ;ell His client has come with a great devotion to him and his words would be quite responsible for planning future course of his clients s life. Thus it is obligatory on the part of an astrologer that he must apply all of his occult knowledge in the benefit of his client.


Tantra is composed of two parts viz. Yantra and Mantra. Yantra literally means some mechanical instrument and Mantra means something re citable. For example, in a circus show an individual manages to control and display various activities of lions. Even the dangerous lions fear from him. What a great occultist he or she is. The secret of success lies in magic stick yantra caught in hand and the few words mantra spoken verbally.

Yantra means not only occult pendants and amulets alone out in broader sense it also means any material object such as the magic stick as referred to herein fore. Mantra means not only some specific syllables designed for occult use, but in broader sense, it also means any word worth reciting. It is commonly known that when the workers carry spades as yantras for doing some earthwork, the sound of beating the drum works as a wonderful mantra. Likewise workers produce some specific sound while dragging some heavy weight together.


There are several physical and metaphysical fields such as Trataka on the science of producing high pitched brain waves, telepathy or the science of communication from mind to mind, teleaesthisia or the science of mental connection with an object, clairvoyance, hypnotism, mesmerism and spiritual healing etc. in which experts are often considered to be great occultists. Indian knowledge of the science of Trataka has been glorified by the twentieth century Russian scientists who have discovered the field of high pitched radio waves.

There are still some fields in which the ancient knowledge has yet to be rediscovered in terms of modern science. A mere ignorance of a fact is not sufficient to disprove its validity. One must adopt scientific approach in order to properly evaluate occult knowledge. The filed of occult knowledge is restricted with limits of both physical and metaphysical sciences.


A few people mistake occult knowledge for a chrisma like growing oil seed on a palm. No occultist can perform any such act which may be contrary to the laws of physical and metaphysical sciences. Here the question arises as to why some patients are cured through the use of occult material such as clove etc. offered by a saint or an occultist. The power behind this fact lies in the impact of personality cult and devotion of the devotee. Besides, the will to be cured works like any thing when the patient begins to visualize himself as a perfectly healthy person.

In this manner healing starts from within. There may exist some saints or occultist who may be capable of storing occult power through mental and brain waves in some substances like clove etc. but my personal experience shows that the effect of cloves, amulets and talismans etc. is primarily more because of psychological influences. It is worth mentioning here that a good charactered astrologer coupled with a saintly disposition can surely multiply his occult effect through his personality cult because he must have developed a strong will power and a firm determination. Such a person can transmit strong radiation, of course.


It is worth-thinking that why occult knowledge is deemed as ill reputed. These days there are two reasons for this. One, people do not understand the real meaning of occult knowledge. Two, most of the quacks under the garb of occultism be fool and bluff common masses.

Besides, some wealthy people also promote the cause of misusing the sublime science of occultism because they happen to corrupt the remedial astrologers easily for fulfilling their evil desires and rectifying the evil side effects of their wrong thinking. The need of the hour is to uncover the mystery of corrupt practices of the so-called black magic and to develop a scientific pattern of rational thinking among the common people. In conclusion, it maybe said that occultists blessed with high will power and strong determination positively can help beautify life on this earthly plant.


The science of occultism or the so called `Tantrik Vidya’ has become the burning question of the day as to decide what it is and what it is not, especially when on one hand there are blind believers who are being exploited by the irrational and hypocritical occultists and on the other hand there are followers of the most popular rationalist Dr. I. Kavoor of Sri Lanka who have very successfully exposed the hypocrisy of occultism practised by exploiters of faith but who have not been able to delve deep into the minute secrets of real occultism. Here an attempt has been made to discern the real meaning of occultism, its relation with modern science and its role in the development of modern science.


`occultism’ may be defined as the science of hidden secrets of nature or the mysterious laws of nature which are not easily understood in the context of modern physical sciences. occultism need not be mistaken for a mere superstition. In fact, even in the field of physical sciences, scientific knowledge is tentative. There was a time when according to Dalton’s atomic theory, an atom was considered to be composed of three fundamental Particles viz. electron, proton and neutron, but these days one is prone to think how unscientific people of those times were who considered Dalton’s revelation as a final truth for many centuries together when one knows about the multiplicity of the particles the atom is composed.

What it is meant here is that the scientific reality at one time may appear to be a sort of superstition at another times. Similarly a superstition at one time may become a scientific reality at another times. For example, an aura around the head of a great person like saints in their traditional photographs was taken for a mere superstition and was thought of mere decoration so as to highlight the greatness of the individual concerned. But now Kyrlian photography has made it possible to photograph the aura of any individual. The shape of an aura is egg-typed and it can have any of the six colours popularly known in religious lore as six leshyas viz. Black, Blue, Dove grey, Yellow, Pink and White.

Here it is worthwhile to recall what Margarete Hoffsten has rightly observed in her article entitled ‘Some Thoughts On Occultism And Rationalism’ (Occult India, Vol. 2 No.5, pp.21-22) that ‘The more our modern knowledge expands the more we are astonished at that large knowledge which the bygone mankind used’. As a matter of fact, we are simply rediscovering with modern scientific methods some of the mysterious laws of nature which were put to many hazardous applications by our ancient sages and maharishis. Still we are at a loss to understand as to how they had conceived of the parlance of mysterious laws of nature in the absence of sophisticated scientific devices as we use these days to prove the validity of a rediscovered law of nature.

This point may be illustrated with one more example. Ancient Indian occultists believed in a phenomenon popularly known as `Trattaka Vidya’. Ac-cording to `Trattaka Vidya’ an occultist may even feel like the physical presence of the person. With such a unidirectional thinking state of mind the occultist transmits thought ways-benefice or malefic in nature – which are received by the person present anywhere on the globe. The person soon tends to develop symptoms as visualized by the occultist. Trattaka Vidya implies the concept that the occultist works like a powerful Television network and through transmission of thought waves he can bring miraculous changes in the nature of the person under experiment. Not only the occultist can bring positive changes in the development of personality of another person but he can also paralyse the thinking and cause emotional and sentimental disruptions in his mind.

The same fact has been revealed scientifically through certain sound waves and high pitched radio waves transmission by Russians to far off places for creating mental disorder in the people living there and producing desired effects in them.  Jogendra Saksena in his article entitled ‘Use of Psychic Force in Warfare’ (Occult India, Vol.2, No.5, pp.31-33) has thrown light on use of psychic power by American War-makers for penetrating secret files, locating submarine and blowing up guided missiles in flight. low interesting it is to note that the modern researches in this connect on have simply rediscovered the glorious “Trattaka Vidya’ as propounded by ancient Indian sages.


The occultism in ancient times was probably developed through intuition and other metaphysical phenomena. Even in the development of modern physical sciences, several metaphysical phenomena have rendered a vehement role, as duly acknowledged these days. For example, Richard R. Skamp in ‘The Psychology of Learning Mathematics’ [Penguin Books Ltd., Harmonious, Middlesex, England, 1971] has clearly mentioned that Kekule conceived of the ring structure of the benzene molecule in a dream where he saw a snake taking hold of its own tail. Bragg, a noble laureate himself admitted that his new ideas came to him for the first time in the form of visual images.

Einstein stated in a letter to Hadamard that conventional words or other signs to be sought for laboriously only in a secondary stage. Examples can be multiplied such as Penicillin and Radium were discovered incidentally and so on. History reveals that many scientific discoveries have been made by persons who had never obtained any degree in science and in the field of psychology even by persons who had never been exposed to any formal education in psychology.


Now we may ponder over the intricate complexities of the nature of occult powers in mind. All natural laws which apply on matter through scientific devices such as wireless and radar system etc. also apply equally good on human mind. An abundant energy is contained in human mind. There remain many latent faculties of mind unawakened throughout life.

Mathematical Wizard Shakuntla has been naturally gifted with the development of one faculty of mind on the basis of which mechanical computer has been developed in science. There are several other faculties of mind which are yet to be recognized in their proper perspectives. Ancient Indian sages had analytically viewed the existence of diversity of mental faculties and they had symbolically interpreted them in terms of different gods and goddesses. For example, one faculty of mind has been symbolically represented as goddess Kali and another as Bhairav and so on. It is immaterial whether goddess Kali had ever lived as a mortal on earth or not but it certainly reflects a particular state of mind when we say that a particular devotee of goddess Kali is under the influence of goddess Kali or in other words, goddess Kali has descended down into the mind of the devotee. In fact the influence of goddess Kali is symbolically associated with the mind when it is tuned to a level where a particular faculty of mind begins to operate.

That is why the devotee or an occultist exhibits a peculiar personality other than normal one when he gets direction from the guiding force known as goddess Kali. The same person would behave differently under the influence of different gods and goddesses at different times if he has got developed more than one faculty of mind. It is quite astonishing that Hindu gods and goddesses are 33 crores in number. It is therefore contemplate that mental faculties are also many in number, if not 33 crores which traditionally might have been used to denote quite a large number. The nomenclature of gods and goddesses endowed with peculiar qualities provides us in a symbolic manner with a broad classification of latent faculties of mind.

Qualities of an  Occult Astrologer–Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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