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As we approach the weekly expiry day for the Nifty50 Index on February 8, 2024, we delve into astrological predictions to gain insights into potential market movements. Here is a systematic breakdown of the day’s astrological influences and possible options trading strategies.

Timeline and Predictions:

09:15 to 10:03 AM –

The day begins with the Sun’s influence, traditionally bullish but reflecting a slight bearish trend. Traders may exercise caution and consider strategies like protective puts or collar options to manage potential downside risks.

10:03 to 11:00 AM –

Venus signals a bearish trend during this period. Traders might explore bearish strategies such as buying put options or engaging in bear put spreads to align with the anticipated downward movement.

11:01 to 12:00 PM –

Mercury introduces a bearish influence but with intermittent signs of slight bullishness. Traders may consider strategies like iron condors or butterfly spreads to navigate mixed market conditions while capturing potential gains.

12:01 to 13:00 PM –

The Moon’s influence suggests a bearish market sentiment. Traders could explore bearish strategies like shorting call options or employing bear call spreads to capitalize on potential downward movements.

13:00 to 13:50 PM –

Saturn introduces a bullish trend, but the previous impact of the Moon may persist. Traders are advised to be cautious and carefully select entry and exit points. Strategies like straddles or strangles may be considered to manage potential market uncertainties.

13:52 to 14:50 PM –

Jupiter signals a bullish trend during this period. Traders might explore bullish strategies such as buying call options or engaging in bull call spreads to align with the positive market sentiment.

14:52 to 15:30 PM –

The day concludes with Mars indicating a bearish trend. Traders may consider bearish strategies, such as buying put options or engaging in bear put spreads, to benefit from potential downward movements.


Astrological analysis provides an alternative perspective on market movements. Traders are reminded that this information is for entertainment purposes only and should not replace conventional financial analysis. Due diligence is crucial, and decisions should be made after thorough research and consultation with financial professionals. The inherent risks of the stock market should be considered, and traders should trade responsibly.