Combinations for Fatal Diseases

There are also combination for fatal diseases suggesting death from the disease. These should be applied after considering whether the planets producing disease are malefics or not and also whether they have some relation with houses and planets ruling death. Malefics always give evil results. Benefics produce milder results and may not even bring diseases and death.
The astrological combinations for fatal diseases are as follows:

  1. If lord of sixth house, being a malefic, occupies prasna lagna and aspects the rasi of the patient, it suggests death.
  2. If Moon be posited in fourth or eighth house or be hemmed between malefics and if the same be not strong and be not aspected by benefics, she brings death to the patient.If afflicted Moon be– in lagna and Sun be in seventh house, they cause death to the patient.
  3. If there be malefics in third, sixth, ninth and eleventh houses, they produce death. If Moon be in sixth house and twelfth house be occupied or aspected by malefic, they bring death to the patient.
  4. When Moon be in eighth house aspected by malefics, the patient dies.
  5. If Sun be in third house and a malefic-be in tenth house, the person dies within ten days.
  6. If Jupiter and Venus be in third house, they bring death within seven days.
  7. Malefics in lagna and also at the same time in fourth and eighth houses cause death to the patient with-in eight days.
  8. Malefics in lagna and second house cause death with in fort-night.
  9. Malefics in second, eighth and tenth houses produce death within three days.
  10. When malefics are in seventh and tenth houses, they cause, death, within seven days.
  11. If lagna be .a fixed sign, and be aspected by malefics and be not aspected by benefics, the patient dies.
  12. If all the malefics be in first, third, fifth, sixth, ninth, tenth and eleventh houses and if benefics be not there, the patient dies.
  13. If lagna be a fiery sign or if lagna be in fiery navamsa and if the same be afflicted by rnalefics and if the person suffers from illness at the time of question, he dies.
  14. If lagna be a moveable sign, Moon be in lagna or in fourth house, Mars be, in sixth, eighth or tenth house, they bring death to the patient.
  15. If Moon be in sixth or eighth house from lagna being aspected by an enemy of lord of lagna and also be either conjoined with or aspected by another malefic and be not aspected .by any benefic, the patient dies.
  16. If eighth lord be alone in lagna, it brings death.
  17. Moon in lagna or in eighth house, malefics in second, seventh and twelfth houses cause death within a day.
  18. Moon hemmed between malefics in first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or tenth house brings death with-in a day.
  19. Moon hemmed between malefics, all the four kendras occupied by malefics and lagna unaspected by benz.fic cause death within a day.
  20. If Moon and a malefic be hemmed between malefics in kendra, trikona, eighth or twelfth house and be not conjoined with any benefic, the patient dies within three days.
  21. If Sun be in lagna and lord of lagna be afflicted, they cause death.
  22. If Sun be in Simha rasi and lord of lagna be afflicted, they bring death.
  23. If Sun and Rahu be in eighth house and lord of lagna be afflicted, they cause death.
  24. If lagna be a house of malefic, be hemmed between malefics and also conjoined with malefic, the patient dies.
  25. If eighth house be a house of malefic, be hemmed between malefics and also be conjoined with malefic the patient dies.
  26. If Moon be in sixth or eighth house and malefics be in all kendras, they cause death.
  27. Sun in eighth house, Jupiter in ninth house and Saturn in lag na, tenth or twelfth house cause death.
  28. Lord of lagna-drekkana in twenty-second drekkana from the same cause death to the patient.
  29. Moon in lagna, sixth or eighth house hemmed between malefics and malefics in second and twelfth houses cause death within a day.
  30. Sun and Moon in lagna and seventh house respectively bring death within a day, if afflicted.
  31. Moon in sixth or eighth house conjoined with malefics causes death.
  32. Moon in sixth house and malefics in twelfth house cause death.
  33. Moon in tenth house and Sun in second or sixth house and if both be afflicted, they bring death.
  34. Moon in tenth house and Sun in third house and if both be afflicted, they cause death.


There are also many combinations in horary Astorlogy given in standard books suggesting recovery from diseases and they are given below:

  1. If benefic Moon be in lagna and be aspected by Jupiter.
  2. Benefic Moon in lagna, and Venus and Jupiter in kendra.
  3. If lord of lagna be a benefic, be strong and also be in kendra, trikona or in its exaltation house.
  4. A strong benefic in lagna.
  5. Benefics in third, sixth, ninth and eleventh houses.
  6. Moon in third, sixth, tenth or eleventh house, benefics in kendra, trikona and eighth house, and lagna aspected by benefic.
  7. When Moon in fourth or eighth house or between Malefics aspected by strong benefics.
  8. Moon in third, sixth, eighth or eleventh house and benefic in first, seventh or eighth house aspected by another benefic.
  9. If Lagna un-occupied by malefic, while Jupiter in lagna or benefics in kendra or trikona.
  10. If lords of seventh and eighth houses are in same drekkana.
  11. Lord of lagna exalted, benefics in kendra and eighth lord unaffiliated.
  12. Moon in third, sixth, tenth or eleventh house and benefice in lagna, fifth, seventh or eighth house aspected by Mercury.
  13. If lagna and eleventh houses be strong with conjunction of benefice.
  14. Lord of lagna rising in lagna and seventh lord in seventh house setting cause neither recovery nor death.
  15. An exalted planet either in lagna or in barga of lord of lagna being in kendra or in trikona.
  16. If lord of lagna be strong, and benefice be in kendra or exalted benefic be in trikona.
  17. If strong lord of lagna and weak eighth lord both join lagna.
  18. If lord of lagna be rising and lord of eighth house setting.

Physician (Doctor):

The physician is ruled by lagna, disease by the seventh house, medicine by the fourth house and patient by the tenth house. The house of patient is also called the house of recovery. If there be friendship-between patient and physician, and between medicine and disease, the disease may be cured.

If the relation is of enmity, the illness may not be cured. If lagna be occupied by malefic, the disease may be serious due to physician. When lagna is occupied or aspected by benefic and is free from malefic influence, the prescription served will be of benefit to the patient. If malefic be in tenth house, the disease increases due to taking of injurious food at the time of disease.

If Rahu be in lagna and be aspected by Saturn, the medicine works like poison. If benefic be in seventh house, one recovers even without medicine. if benefits aspect seventh house, they suggest recovery from disease. If malefic be in seventh house or aspects the same, the disease will be painful and lingering.

If weak planet be karaka for disease, the same may be recovered by medicine and treatment, but while a strong planet brings the disease, it can hardly be recoverable by medicine and treatment.

Example No. 1:

The case was a sudden attack of appendicitis and the patient had to undergo an operation.

Date: 21st January 1955
Place: Kolkata
Time: 10-20 AM IST

The Horoscope at that time casted was:

Lagna—Meena; Ketu in Mithuna; Jupiter R in Karkata; Saturn in Tula; Venus in Brischika; Rahu and Moon in Dhanu; Sun and Mercury in Makara; Mars in Meena.

Combinations for Fatal Diseases Case 1

We know if Moon be in tenth house, lagna be afflicted and lefts be in first, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth houses, they suggest the person is suffering from disease at the time of query.

Further, we know Saturn in eighth house causes sudden illness. In this horoscope Mars is in lagna, which suggests an operation, We know eighth house, lord of eighth house, sixth house, lord of sixth house and planets in the eighth and sixth houses, planets aspecting these houses, all these determine the disease. In this horoscope strong Mars is aspecting eighth house, which suggests an operation.

Strong Saturn is in eighth house aspecting Moon. Further Moon is conjoined with Rahu, which is aspecting sixth house. Lord of sixth house is Sun which is also aspected by Rahu. We know Sun rules abdomen and Moon rules appendicitis. Kanya rasi, which is seat of this disease in natural zodiac, is aspected by Mars suggesting an operation there.

Sixth house from lagna is also afflicted by aspect of Rahu in this horoscope. If lord of lagna be benefic and be in its exaltation sign it suggests recovery from disease. If Moon be in tenth house, benefics be in trikona and lagna be aspected by benefic, they also suggest recovery. The person was suddenly attacked from appendicitis in night of 20th January, 1955, when Moon entered Dhanu rasi. He was forced to an operation and ultimately recovered from the disease.

Example No. 2:

This is a case of operation of the prostate of an old person of seventy years, After operation, the right side of the body and the tongue became paralyses ; Ultimately he died of the same.

Date: 23rd November 1954
Place: Kolkata
Time: 11-16 AM IST

The Horoscope casted at that time was:

Lagna—Makara ; Ketu in Mithuna ; Jupiter R in Karkata ; Saturn, Mercury, Venus R and Moon in Tula; Sun in Brischika ; Rahu in Dhanu ; Mars in Makara.

Combinations for Fatal Diseases Case 2

We know, if sixth lord be with Moon or with lord of lagna, it makes one to suffer from disease. Further we know if Moon be in tenth house, lagna be afflicted by malefic, and malefics be in first and tenth houses, they cause disease. In this horoscope all these are present, suggesting the suffering of the person from disease. A very strong Mars is in lagna and is aspecting the eighth house, which also suggests an operation.

We know sixth and eighth houses, their lords, and planets situated there, and planets aspecting these houses, and planets with lords of sixth and eighth houses deter-mine the diseases. The strongest of them dominates in ruling the disease. In this horoscope, Mars is the strongest planet aspecting the eighth house.

Mars rules over all operations. It is also karaka for diseases ruled by eighth house. Mars is also lord of Brischika rasi, eighth house of natural zodiac. Rahu is aspecting Mars from a fiery house. Sun, lord of eighth house, is in Brischika rasi hemmed between malefics. From these we can make a conclusion of an operation in the eighth part of the body, that is, an operation of prostate or alike. Now, comes the question of paralysis. We have sepia in this book, paralysis is caused by affliction of Mercury, Sun, Moon and lagna, and also by affliction of ninth house, ninth lord etc. Affliction of sixth house, situation of Saturn in an airy house, conjunction of Moon and Mercury with Saturn or Rahu, affliction of lagna, Sun, Moon etc by Mars, all these give rise to paralysis.

In this horoscope, we find:

  1. Mercury is within 1° of Saturn at that time and is defeated in planetary fight, as Saturn is stronger than Mercury there.
  2. Sun is hemmed between malefics.
  3. Moon is weak and afflicted.
  4. Ninth house of natural zodiac and ninth house from Moon are afflicted. Ninth lords from lagna and Moon are also afflicted.
  5. Lagna is conjoined with malefic Mars and is aspected by Rahu. Lord of lagna is also afflicted. Lord of lagna is also conjoined with sixth lord.
  6. Saturn is in airy sign and is afflicted. Saturn is also lord of first and second houses, ruling body, right side and tongue. Jupiter, karaka for tongue, is retrograde and is afflicted by aspects of Mars and Saturn.
  7. Moon and Mercury are afflicted. Lagna is also afflicted by Mars and Rahu. Lord of Lagna is afflicted. Mercury, being itself lord of sixth house, is heavily afflicted.

Thus we find all the houses and planets ruling paralysis are afflicted in this horoscope and are related with disease. Inflicting planets, Though Mars is primarily responsible for disease in this horoscope, Saturn is equally strong and is in conjunction with sixth lord. Mercury. Hence Saturn is also capable of producing disease here. Saturn rules limbs. Mercury and Moon are afflicted and are related with Saturn and disease-inflicting planets ruling paralysis. Their combination and relation gave rise to paralysis and affection of limb, right side and tongue.

Strong malefic Sun is in eleventh house, which suggests death. Further the benefic planets Jupiter and Venus both are retrograde and are heavily afflicted by strong malefics. Lagna is also heavily afflicted. Lord of lagna, Moon and Sun are also afflicted. These suggest death of the patient. The person died when Moon was passing through Brischika rasi and was over the degree of Sun, the eighth lord. He was operated when Moon was passing through Simha rasi, the eighth house from lagna and the rasi owned by Sun and also when Makara lagna was ruling.

Example No. 3:

A question was asked by a doctor about a patient. This is a case of operation of tumours in uterus.

Date: 4th January 1955
Place: Kolkata
Time: 9 PM IST

The Horoscope casted at that time was:

Lagna—Simha; Moon in Mesha 3 Ketu in Mithuna; Jupiter R in Karkata; Saturn in Tula; Venus in Brischika; Sun, Mercury and Rahu in Dhanu; Mars in Kumbha.

Combinations for Fatal Diseases Case 3

We know lagna rules the physician, seventh house rules the disease, tenth house rules the patient and fourth house rules the medicine. Tenth house in this horoscope is Brisha rasi, which is aspected by its lord Venus and by strong Mars.

Further Venus is aspected by Jupiter. Which evidently suggests the patient is of high position in society and is likely to be a female. Vents, being hemmed between two strong malefics, suggests sufferings. Sun, Mercury and Rahu in eighth house from tenth house suggest disease in the eighth part of the body.

These planets and eighth house are further aspected by Saturn from sixth house from Brisha rasi. All these justify that the patient was suffering from tumour and disease in uterus. Seventh house rules the disease. A strong Mars is in the seventh house from lagna in house of malefic Saturn, which is also in seventh house of natural zodiac., that is, in Tula rasi.

These suggest an operation in seventh part of the body, that is, in female organ. We know, when malefics be in seventh house or aspect the same, the disease will be painful and lingering. The patient actually suffered much and had to face many crises before recovery.

In this horoscope lagna is afflicted by strong Malefies Mars and Rahu, which suggest the mistakes on the part of the physician. But a benefic in fourth house, house of medicine, suggests the mistake will be ultimately corrected through medicine and much care will be taken.

The tenth lord Venus, a benefic, is aspecting the tenth house, the house of patient, which suggests ultimate recovery. But as it is hemmed between strong malefics Saturn and Rahu, and as strong Mars is in seventh house they suggest much pain and lingering of disease before complete recovery.

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