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This page is intended to analyze the problems of those genuine people who are cheated with many astrological consultations with no effect.It is for those who genuinely seek solutions to their teething problems but are not sure whom to consult.This is online free astrology consultancy service.


Before writing down your problem ,follow this:

1.Take a deep breath clear your mind of all confusions.

focus on your problem

2.Think and take the name of Your family God Pray.

3.Think and chant the name of your favourite diety ( eg Sri Hanuman)

4.Remember your Guru/ parents .Seek his/her blessings.

5.Think of a number within 1- 249 ,write down the number   and state your problem .And Post your problem in Comment Section of this blog


I will definitely respond to your problem if it is genuine. Please do not ask mundane questions. Ask only if something is pestering you and only if you are GOD fearing.

Note:- I will answer to your queries only if above mentioned 5 steps fulfilled.

As it is free service don’t ask more than one question . I will answer only one question from one person. I will completely ignore if person ask more than one question .

Some Sample Questions(Only ask these kind of question because these are prompt question )

Relationship Questions:
These are the big all-time number one questions, year in and year out.  Should I marry this girl? Will my wife come back to me? Should I get a divorce?

Financial Questions:
Questions about buying and selling property are common. Should I try to sell my house in the coming year? Should I try to sell my house myself? When will my house sell? Ask any other financial questions about specific investments of all kinds. Should I loan him the money? Will the insurance company pay me? Can I get the loan?

Medical and Health Questions:
Do I have the right surgeon? Should I have the surgery? Do I have cancer? Medical astrology is a specialty. These questions depend on the expertise of the astrologer in this field and the legal and ethical issues involved.


God Bless You
Jai Guru Dev

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83 thoughts on “Online Free Astrology Consultation

  1. Ruchi Tomar says:

    I am 47 years old; my interior decoration contract business is not doing well and I am not getting payments for the works done. When will I settle down with regular income or business? Horary no:169

  2. vinayakb says:

    Moon indirectly reflected houses 7 and 10, through its starlord Sun. The cuspal sublord of profession was Rahu posited in the 1″ house of self-efforts and tenacity. Rahu was aspected by Mars. Mars signified houses 5, 8, and 12, which do not give settlement in business. Also Saturn was in Kanya in the Prashna chart, reinforcing the same. Rahu was in the star of Venus, which signified houses 6 and 10. Getting employed in a company that deals with interior decoration will bring in more financial settlement, than doing your own business. Good time for finances will come from November 2011 onwards, for a brief period.

  3. Supriya says:

    My eldest son is missing since 13 November 2008. Kindly let me know the chances of him coming back through Prasna Astrology.
    Horary no.:236

  4. vinayakb says:

    The divine Horary Number selected by the querist locates the Horary lagna in the sign of Pisces, owned by the divine planet Jupiter. The query is regarding his son…the lord of lagna is also the natural significator for progeny. Since Pisces is rising, the house indicative of first son is Cancer. Moon owns this house. The mind of the querist, as Moon reveals, is entwined on this house.

    In the Horary chart, Moon occupies the sign Aries, the house denoting “family affairs of the querist”, thus connecting 2 and 5 . Jupiter is casting its full aspect on this Moon, as the Horary lagna lord, besides being the Karaka planet for progeny; this too establishes the relevance of the query.

    Moon is in Bharani star, owned by Venus, which owns houses 3 and 8 in this Horary chart. 3rd house is `vyayabhava to house of domestic affairs’ and 8th is indicative of the `distress’; currently felt by the querist. Sub lord of Moon is Sun, which occupies this 8th house, thus clearly revealing the crux of the query.

    The cuspal sublordship of ascendant of the son is held by the planet Mercury, which has sway over ‘domestic matters of the querist’, as owner of 4th house. With signification of 5th house, being untenanted and 5th vacant, as also conjunct with its star-lord Saturn, which is the star-lord of 5th cusp as well, the missing person is safe, though under distress. The desire is to have a rejoining with this son.

    Lord of the house of fulfillment of ambition is Saturn, which is throwing its full aspect on 11th house, as star-lord of 5th cusp, thus indicating that the querist will enjoy the company of the expected person. Saturn is in Anuradha, and is the lord of the 12th house of separation to the Horary lagna, besides of the 11th Thus it portends that there will be reunion, albeit after some delay.

    The 1 1 th cuspal sublord here, Mercury, in addition to being the sub lord of lagna cusp for the missing person, is conjunct Saturn, which too is occupying Anuradha, with signification of 11th house, thus confirming the joy of reurL after delay . The event need to be expec during the second half of October 2017..mostly on the 20′:. Friday.

  5. Bagha Shree says:

    I do not know whether the recorded time of birth was adjusted for War Time or not.
    DOB: 1st September 1945,
    Time of birth : 3.30 PM, POB: Tirupati, AP.
    Major events: Marriage on 14th June 1979. Birth of first child on 28th August 1981.

  6. seeta says:

    I Was born on 18th November 1962 at Vijayawada. The available time of birth is 17.25 hrs. But a great man recently expressed that this will not be correct, since my statutre does not reflect Taurus ascendant. It should have been Aries instead he said. Please authenticate. My date of marriage – 28th April 1993. My only son’s date of birth – 1st August 1994?

  7. vinayakb says:

    In case your birth time is adjusted for War Time, then 3:30 pm is the IST, otherwise the noted time needs 1 hour reduction to make it IST equivalent. This would make the birth time 2:30 pm. Assuming that the noted time is correctly observed, your horoscope was first casted with 3:30 pm, when the Basic RPs were Ketu-Mars-Saturn-Mars-Sun with Rahu representing Jupiter and Ketu representing Mercury. Your Lagna came at Jupiter-Venus-Venus. With 2:30 pm as the birth time, your Lagna came at Jupiter-Ketu-Venus. It is clear that Jupiter-Ketu combination reflects BRP more, than Jupiter-Venus combination. Also Venus as the sublord in Jupiter-Ketu-Venus does not fit well. The sublord is changed to Ketu and the correct time comes at 2:25:42 pm in Dhanu at 00 deg 10 mins 42 secs with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 20-0-30. My Rule of Origin also tallied fully.

  8. vinayakb says:

    During rectification the Basic RPs were as under:
    Lagna Lord: Sun
    Moon starlord: Sun
    Moon signlord: Saturn
    Day Lord: Venus
    The full range of RP Moon was:
    Moon sublord: Jup
    Moon starlord: Sun
    Moon signlord: Saturn
    With the given birth data, I found that your birth day was Sunday, the lord of which was clearly present in RP during rectification. Had you been born in Mesha Lagna, then Mars as the lord of the lagna had to appear in the RR But it did not. Rather Venus was present in the Basic RP. So, you being born with Vrishabha Lagna is clearly indicated by the divine RP. With Placidus House Division using KP Old Ayanamsa value of 23-14-11 for your birth date, your Lagna cusp is at 1 deg 24 mins 47 sec in Vrishabha with cuspal lords as Venus-Sun-Jupiter. Also according to the Rule of Origin method, your 1″ cuspal sublord Jupiter is directly connected with the 9th cuspal sublord Mercury in your birth chart. So your Lagna is Vrishabha without any doubt The reason why your stature is not like a Vrishabha Lagna person is due to the presence of Lagna lord Venus retrograde in Thula, conjoined with Mercury within 6 degrees. However, your birth time is fully correct and needs no rectification.

  9. Garima Tyagi says:

    When will I get promotion? Which gem wil be suitable for me?
    18 March 1956
    02:05 hrs, cuttak, orissa

  10. vinayakb says:

    Your 10th lord Mercury is in the 3i’d house, an upachaya house. You will earn quite well through your career. Currently you are running Saturn-Saturn period. Saturn is your second and third lord, posited in the 12th, afflicted by the Nodes. Much favourable results cannot be expected during this period. You can wear Ruby and Pushparaag (the gems of the 9th lord and the ascendant lord) for enchanting your general prospects in life. 10th lord Mercury’s bhukti starts from April 2010, which will bring career upliftment. But don’t expect too much, as major transits will not be much conducive then.

  11. shakshi says:

    I am highly qualified (M.Tech) and still have not been able to settle with a good job. When will be satisfied with good pay and status?
    Horary no:152

  12. shreya says:

    My second daughter is working in an MNC. How will be her career prospects ? Is there any chance of going abroad in the year to come?
    Horary no:149

  13. vinayakb says:

    : Moon was strongly reflecting the house of status during the query and weakly the house of pay and wealth. Your ‘status’ cusp sublord was Mercury in own star and Sun sub. These two planets indicated strongly houses 10 and 11. So status and regular income will do come to you, but not wealth and excess money. Saturn’s aspect on Mercury indicates the delay for you. Status will significantly improve than now, when you will be passing mid of 2015. Do not get into murky deals.

  14. vinayakb says:

    : Your second daughter’s 6th cuspal sublord was Rahu. Rahu was in Venus star and aspected by Mars. The significations of these planets showed that your daughter has good career prospects, due to her self-efforts and tenacity, but frequent changes in job will happen due to her spouse’s movement from one city to another. Foreign travel is very much possible in Feb 2011.

  15. I am 36 years old. Will I get opportunity to get employment abroad?
    If so, when can I expect?
    Horary Number 189

  16. vinayakb says:

    Moon was the cuspally signifying houses 9 and 12, indicating that the Prasna can be proceeded with. The 12th cuspal sublord was Moon, closely conjoined with Mars and Venus and itself close to the 3rd cusp. Moon was in the star of Saturn and sub of Ketu. These planetary indications and their significations foretold that you will get employment opportunities abroad, but will require persistent efforts. However, you will tend to lose your interest quite often. Upon persistent trying, you will see that opportunities are materializing from August 2009 upto December 2009

  17. Yuvraj says:

    When is my marriage likely to take place?
    Horary Number 7

  18. vinayakb says:

    Moon weakly reflected your query, by signifying only the 11th house out of the three required houses for marriage. The 7th cuspal sublord was Rahu, well-connected with houses 2 and 7 directly, and indirectly with house 11. So, marriage is a certainty for you. But being self-strong, Rahu was also the cuspal significator of the 6th house causing delay. A very effective time for your marriage is coming in December 2010. In case you do not get married, then another good time is coming from Apr to Jun 2012. Take initiative and avoid greed.

  19. shadma says:

    I want to know my exact time of birth. DOB: 8th July 1956, TOB: 00.01 to 03.00 AM, POB: Attili, Tanuku, AP
    Major events: Marriage on 23rd February 1995, Birth of Child on 26th July 1996

  20. Neha Gupta says:

    Kindly let me know my exact time of birth. DOB: 5th December 1956, TOB: Approximately 2.30 AM, POB: Sonepat, Haryana Major Events: Date of marriage – 16th Feb. 1985, Daughter’s birth date – 5th May 1987, Son born on 20th May 1989.

  21. vinayakb says:

    You are not born on 8th July 1956, as it was a Sunday and Sun did not come in the list of Divine Ruling Planets. You were born a few hours after Sunday. You were born on 9th July 1956, just after midnight at 12:28:28 pm. Your birth Moon was in Cancer Sign, Punarvasu star. Your birth lagna came in Aries at 5 deg 14 mins 05 secs with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 23-9-35. My Rule of Origin technique was fully satisfied in this new time. With this new time, it was found that, when you got married, you were running Ketu-Venus-Rahu. These planets were signifying houses 2,7,11. During the time of your male child’s birth, you were running Ketu-Moon-Ketu which signified 2, 5, 11 houses for you. So, your birth time is actually early morning of 9th July 1956 at 12:28:28 am (IST)

  22. vinayakb says:

    Since your birth time is an approximate one, the real time-range has been taken from 2:00 am to 3:00 am. During rectification, the Basic RPs were Jupiter-Mercury-Sun-Moon with Rahu representing Jupiter and Ketu representing Mercury and Jupiter. Your horoscope was cast with 2:00 am and the Lagna came in Kanya at Mercury-Moon-Jupiter. All the lords are in RP. So, the final time was refined by re-setting the sub-sublord to Ketu, since it is the strongest RP. The rectified time came at 2:02:59 am with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 23-9-56 in Kanya at 14 deg 40 mins 00 secs. My Rule of Origin technique was fully satisfied at this rectified time. On the date of your marriage, you were running Moon-Venus-Saturn. These planets strongly signified the houses 2 and 11 and Mars being close to the 7th cusp aspected Venus, giving you your marriage. Mr. Sankar Naik, Hyderabad.

  23. Normally, I possess sound health without any serious illness. But I do suffer from erratic bowel movements, due to which, I live with a disturbed stomach. I lost my hair over the forehead and most of the hair has turned grey.
    10:30 hrs , hyderabad

  24. vinayakb says:

    Ayurvedic remedy: As you have specified very clearly that you possess sound health, which is very a positive statement towards speedy recovery. But your problem of erratic bowel movements and disturbed stomach cannot be neglected because they are suggestive of serious underlying illness, which is but curable with dietary modifications and life-style changes. Both your
    problems are highly influenced with the diet consumed, so changes in diet will surely help to improve the health. Restrict the use of Salt and spices in the diet; they aggravate the Pitta in the body and cause hairfalling

  25. I was married on 5th December 2001. But till now I have remained without an issue. Am I destined to have a child? If so When?
    Horary Number 2

  26. vinayakb says:

    : Moon was itself in the 2nd house of family and was the lord of the 5th house of progeny. You had a query from your heart! Your 5th cusp sublord was Venus fully signifying houses 2, 5 and 11th and linking a fruitful watery sign. Thus, the Divine has promised you a child of your own. However, due to retrogression of Venus and aspect of Saturn on Moon during Prasna, your child birth will be delayed. You will be blessed with a daughter in May 2012. Do not lose faith in God and never ever eat Papaya and Pineapple fruits, until you deliver the child.

  27. taniya says:

    I know only my approximate time of birth. Please inform me the correct time of birth. DOB: 29th April 1968, POB: Yeadabettu, Udupi, Karnataka, TOB: 6.18 AM approximately Major events: My father expired on 23rd July 2008

  28. vinayakb says:

    During rectification, the Basic RPs were Mars-Venus-Sun-Mercury-Venus with Ketu representing Mercury. The horoscope was cast with 6:18 am and the Lagna came in Aries. Lord of Aries, Mars, is present in the RP. The Lagna star-lord came as Venus, which is also present in our RP. But the Lagna sublord came as Moon. This was changed to Sun as the nearest sublord and the rectified birth time came at 6:16:48 am in Aries at 16 deg 5 mins 51 secs with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 23-19-29. My Rule of Origin was fully satisfied in this new time. On 23′ July 2008, during your father’s demise, you were running Jupiter-Jupiter-Ketu. Together these planets signified houses 10, 3 and 8 strongly.

  29. shilpi says:

    Q: What kind of job is suitable for me? How are my career prospects?

  30. Abhay Sharma says:

    I am not sure about my time of birth. Please help. DOB: 5th January 1979, TOB: Between 12 pm and 1 PM, POB: Hyderabad Major Events: My father died on 1st September 2001.

  31. vinayakb says:

    Your 10th lord is Mars, posited in the 12th house, aspected by malefic Moon. Your 10th house is occupied by 5th and 8th lord Mercury, bereft of any benefic influence. Only very moderate prospects can be expected at the career-front. Your job may be related to Chemistry research psychology, medicine, dentistry, Law, investigative journalism, literary works, military, metals, catering, real estate, hair-styling, fluids, health care etc., Currently you are passing through Venus-Mercury period. Dasalord Venus, even though Badhaka, it can be beneficial too as a yogakaraka. Bhukti-lord Mercury is a maraka and so there will be difficulties in achieving your ambition. Put in utmost efforts and be ready to accept temporary assignments also.

  32. vinayakb says:

    During rectification, the Basic RPs were Rahu-Mercury-Sun-Moon with Rahu representing Jupiter. Your horoscope was cast with 12:00 pm and it was found that the Lagna came in Meena at Jupiter-Mercury-Venus. Presence of Jupiter and Mercury is confirmed by the RPs, but Venus is not a right candidate here. The immediate next sublord is Sun, which is also stronger RP than Moon. Your Lagna sublord was therefore, changed to Sun and the correct birth time came at 12:07:07 pm with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 23-28-26 in Meena at 21 deg 35 mins 53 secs. My Rule of Origin technique was fully satisfied at this new time. On the date of your father’s death, you were running Venus-Venus-Moon, which were signifying the houses 8th and 10th, both directly and through aspect.

  33. My son (the first child of our family) got married in 2005. When will he get a child?
    Horary Number 87

  34. vinayakb says:

    Moon weakly reflected your query, by showing house 2 (for you) and house 6 (for your son). Moon showed that you are actually in lot of tension also. The chart was rotated to the 5th house and the main house cuspal sublord was found to be Venus in Mercury’s star and Saturn sub. Though Venus is in a fruitful Rasi, the significations were not good. Also the llth cusp sublord did not augur well. Sincere prayer to your Family Deity is required. Consistently do Satyanaraya Puja on every full Moon day, falling on Thursdays and ask your son and daughter-in-law to feed red coloured fish every day, without fail. Please do not ignore these remedies.

  35. priya says:

    Q: My son has not yet settled down career-wise.
    09-sept-1980 21:00 hrs sambhar Lake

  36. vinayakb says:

    The native’s 10th lord Saturn, signifying career is placed in the 6th house, along with the 3rd and 6th lord Mercury. 10th house is afflicted by the Nodes. Only moderate prospects can be expected careerwise. In general, there will be quite frequent changes of jobs or assignments. The current Rahu mahadasa and the Sade-sati cannot bring much beneficial results. Saturn, as the 10th lord, may give a career associated with metal, iron, wool or leather products, and real estate / construction sector. He will be quite proficient in whatever he sets out to do. Period after November 2011 seems to be quite promising for career prospects. The native should be ready to accept even temporary nature of assignments.

  37. Jeet Kamra says:

    I am 59 years old. Upto 2003, I was very prosperous after that it has been the reverse. How will be my financial position in future?
    Horary Number 96

  38. garima says:

    I lost my job four years ago and my attempts in business also did not click. When will the situation improve?

  39. vinayakb says:

    During analysis, Moon was signifying the finance-related houses 2 and 6 directly and 11 through Ketu. So your query is genuine. Currently, you are running the Prasna Dasa of Saturn and Bhukti of Ketu upto September 2009. Income flow will remain constant and no severe problems will happen. Thereafter, in Venus Bhukti Rahu Anthra, between October 2010 to April 2011 you need to be extra-cautious about severe money outflow, due to unforeseen contingencies beyond your control. However, Prasna does not augur anything financially detrimental for you.

  40. vinayakb says:

    Your 10th lord Jupiter signifying career is posited in the 5th, aspected by Badhaka Mars. This is not a good disposition, as the 10th lord stands in its 8th bhava (51” house is 8th to the 10′” house). Permanent nature of work or permanent incomes ruled out. Exaltation of 10th lord Jupiter (which happens to be ascendant lord also) will be not much use, as it is retrograde too. Currently you are passing through Mercury-Ketu period. Dasa-lord Mercury is a maraka; bhukti lord Ketu occupying 12th house can be of only moderate help. Field of teaching may suit you. There will be slight relief in the second half of 2016. Unfavourable periods are meant to make us mature and learn life’s lessons. You will be able to handle your problems better, very soon.

  41. Supriya says:

    I am 83 years old; what will be my longevity?
    Horary Number: 181

  42. I know only my approximate time of birth. Please inform me the correct time of birth. DOB: 29th April 1968, POB: Yeadabettu, Udupi, Karnataka, TOB: 6.18 AM approximately Major events: My father expired on 23rd July 2008

  43. vinayakb says:

    The Horary Number locates r’ ascendant in Sagittarius. Common sign. While the si Capricorn assumes t `marakasthana role’, for this lag: the 7th, Gemini sign, assumes role of both `maraka as well badhaka’. Their lords, and planets connected with the placed thereof, may acqu: power to sniff out life, during th joined dasa operation. In t_ chart, both places are vacant, h the 2nd lord/marakasthana lore aspecting the 2nd house.
    The ascendant sublord is Jupi: placed in the 8th house longevity. Its star-lord Venus signifying houses 3, 8, 6 and _ thus not signifying connection maraka and badhaka house assuring further longevity, beyc’ February 2017, though with so health problem, in attendance.

  44. vinayakb says:

    During rectification, the Basic RPs were Mars-Venus-Sun-Mercury-Venus with Ketu representing Mercury. The horoscope was cast with 6:18 am and the Lagna came in Aries. Lord of Aries, Mars, is present in the RP. The Lagna star-lord came as Venus, which is also present in our RP. But the Lagna sublord came as Moon. This was changed to Sun as the nearest sublord and the rectified birth time came at 6:16:48 am in Aries at 16 deg 5 mins 51 secs with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 23-19-29. My Rule of Origin was fully satisfied in this new time. On 23′ July 2008, during your father’s demise, you were running Jupiter-Jupiter-Ketu. Together these planets signified houses 10, 3 and 8 strongly.

  45. shreya says:

    I want to know my exact time of birth. DOB: 23 December 1946, TOB: Approximately 07.08 hrs. POB: Lahore, Pakistan
    Major events: Joined service (UCO Bank) on 10th June 1971, Elder brother expired on 7th May 2002

  46. vinayakb says:

    There was no War-time correction for Pakistan, after 14th October 1945. So, your recorded birth time is actually the IST of the undivided India. The Basic RPs during rectification were Saturn-Mars-Rahu-Mercury-Sun with Ketu representing Mercury. The horoscope was cast with 7:08 am and the Lagna came in Jupiter-Ketu-Venus. Jupiter is not in the Basic RP.
    But the previous Lagna, the lord of which is Mars, is present in the RP. In Scorpio Lagna, therefore, the star chosen was that of Mercury and the sub lord taken was Saturn. This gave the correct time at 6:52 am in Scorpio Lagna at 28 deg 31 mins 25 secs with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 23-01-36. My Rule of Origin technique was fully satisfied at this new time. On the day of your joining service you, were running Venus-Mercury-Saturn. These together signified houses 2, 6, 10, 11.

  47. Rituraj says:

    How is my 6th house? I am in bad debts?
    14 APRIL 1970
    13:30 hrs, Banglore

  48. vinayakb says:

    Your 6th house is Sagittarius, positing no planet. It is aspected by Mars, the 5th and 10th lord. 6th lord Jupiter has the occupied the 4th house in retrogression. These dispositions may not much financially. But your 2′ lord is posited in the 10th house in exaltation. This can help you to some extent, though Sun is conjunct with the 8th lord Saturn and 12th lord Mercury. Currently you are undergoing Venus-Venus period. Venus is your 4th and 11th lord. You will be able to clear some of your debts after February 2010, when Sun bhukti starts.

  49. Vikas Tiwari says:

    Since almost two decades, I am not able to get any job, even though I am well qualified and experienced in the field. Will I get it now, though, I have crossed 60 years.

  50. vinayakb says:

    Horary Number 149 A: During analysis, Moon directly reflected houses 3, 9 and 12, but through aspect of powerful planets like Saturn, Sun and Jupiter, it did indicate houses 6 and 10. You were not seriously involved with this query, rather you had travel plans in your mind. Your 6th cuspal sublord was Jupiter, signifying houses 2 and 6 posited in the star of Mars and sub of Mercury. Both Mars and Mercury did signify houses 6, 10 and 11. Planets do indicate that job opportunities will come your way, from mid May 2009 to July 2009. But long distance travelling and pilgrimages may thwart these opportunities from materializing

  51. Nidhi Sharma says:

    I am running 61 years of age. Recently, I retired from services and how will be my retired life and through which source, further earning is indicated?
    Horary Number 219

  52. Aparna says:

    Kindly help me in my birth-time rectification. DOB: 19th March 1943, TOB: 00.45 hrs (approximately) POB: Mysore
    Major events: Marriage on 18th June 1971, First son born on 6th June 1974, Second son born on 7th January 1981

  53. vinayakb says:

    During rectification, the Basic RPs were Ketu-Sun-Mercury-Mars. Your birth was during War Time, which operated from Ketu-Sun-Mercury-Mars. Your birth was during War Time, which operated from 1 Sept. 1942 to 14 Oct 1945 for all of India, except Bengal, Bihar and Assam. So, your known birth time of 00:45 hrs may require 1 hour reduction, to make it IST. So, your birth chart was cast with 11:45 pm of 18th March 1943 and the Lagna came at Vrischika in Mars-Saturn-Mercury. Both Mars and Mercury is in our RPs but Saturn is a misfit. The Lagna star is taken as Mercury and the sub taken as Ketu. This gave the correct Lagna in Vrischika 18 deg 44 mins 03 secs in Mars-Mercury-Ketu and the correct birth time came as 12:42:42 am (IST) with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 22-58-27. My Rule of Origin technique tallied fully with this new birth time.

  54. vinayakb says:

    During analysis, Moon was signifying houses 5, 1, 12 and 6, indicating that you were serious with your query. The current Prasna Dasa-Bhukti was that of Saturn-Venus, running upto April 2013. These two planets together signified houses 2, 5, 8, 9 but also houses 1, 7 and 12. It means that you would get all your retirement dues in full settlement. No further regular/permanent source of income is seen, but there will be lots of temptation coming your way to make some short-term investment/business. But this is to be avoided b you. Fast on Saturdays, to keep troubles away.

  55. Meenaxi says:

    Can you please suggest the solution of this problem ?

    Low back ache Duration: 10 years. Symptoms: Cannot walk even 100 yards without pain; unable to practise Yoga, restricted movements only possible.

  56. prena says:

    I am 64 years, suffering from several diseases since long time. Will I get peaceful death or do I have to suffer for long period?
    Horary no:134

  57. vinayakb says:

    Moon was not reflecting death-dealing houses during Prashna analysis, rather showed house 11 reflecting your true urge to know about your health-recovery. The Lagna sublord was Ketu, showing Karmic retribution for the current health-suffering. Ketu is in the 9th and aspected by Saturn, the giver of chronic and prolonged suffering. Saturn was signifying houses 11, 5 and 4. So, death will not happen due to ill-heath. Rather, health will recover, if ayurvedic treatment is undertaken in a pilgrim-spot. Perform Surya Namaskar every morning, to get rid of your health- related trouble.

  58. vinayakb says:

    If the low back ache has not impaired your routine activity, just take rest in-between the work often. Sleep on a firm-bed. Use warm water for bathing, as it will help to reduce the pain. Avoid bending forwards, as it will over-load your spine. Take nutritious and at the same time easily digestible food. Ayurvedic medication like Gandha thailam or Dhawantharam (101) with milk would help best to preserve the anatomical and functional frame work of the spine. Avoid root vegetables. Avoid physical exertion and apply warm Sesame oil over the paining parts, at least half an hour before bath every day. Practise yoga only upto the point you can perform them effortlessly, without any botheration. In the old age, as degenerative changes surpass the anabolic make up of the body, it would be good to go for Vasti treatment (medicated enemas) after consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner. It can reduce pain, improve functional status and quickly nourish the body tissues.

  59. lovely says:

    I want to know my exact time of birth. DOB: 2nd Sept 1936, TOB: 11.35p.m approximately, POB: Darbhanga, Bihar
    Major events: Marriage – 7th July 1965

  60. vinayakb says:

    During rectification, the RPs were Mars-Venus-Moon-Mercury-Saturn-Ketu. Between 1 Jan. 1907 to 31 Aug. 1942, the entire India had no time changes. So, your noted time is IST. The horoscope was cast with 11:35 pm, but Rule of Origin did not appear correctly. The Lagna star and sub lord were fixed at Moon and Ketu, which gave the correct birth time at 11:00:27 pm. The Lagna came at Taurus 20 deg 19 mins 40 secs with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 22-52-58. My Rule of Origin technique was fully satisfied at this new time. On the day of your marriage, you were running Mercury-Rahu-Saturn d these together signified houses 2, 7, and 11.

  61. Ranvijay says:

    When will I get relief from my health problems? I am suffering from BP, Diabetes and brain-related problems.
    Horary Number 155

  62. vinayakb says:

    During Prasna analysis, Moon was in the 8th house of lingering diseases showing that your query was genuine. Your 6th cusp sublord was Moon in the star of Saturn and sub of Venus. These indicated that recovery is due, a few years from now. However, these planets indicated that recovery will happen by changing your current residence, preferably your city Mumbai. Health development is seen from June 2012 onwards.

  63. My marriage has been very delayed. I am 35 years old. I am anxious to settle down soon and lead a happy married life.
    Horary Number 2

  64. priyanka says:

    Q: I like to know about my marriage.
    18-March-1983 07:30 hrs.chikmagalur

  65. karuna says:

    Q:The birth details I have are: 24th March 1935 8.45 hrs – Ajmer (Rajasthan). Important events in life:
    a) Date of marriage – 5th May 1955
    b) Death of father – 12th June 1979
    c) Death of mother – 27th December 1941
    Is my birth-time accurate?

  66. vinayakb says:

    During rectification, the RPs were as follows: Lagna lord: Mercury Moon starlord: Sun Moon signlord: Saturn Daylord: Venus 24th March 1935 was a Sunday, the lord of which is present in the divine RP. With the given birth data, your birth lagna came as Kanya, the lord of which is Mercury—also present in the RP. So, your birth Lagna is Kanya. But originally your birth Lagna star came as Moon and Moon is not in the RP. However, in Kanya, there is also Sun’s star in the first 10 degrees. Upon making your birth Lagna star lord as Sun, it was found that your natal Sun was in Saturn star. Saturn is present in RP. So, your correct birth Lagna star lord is Sun. Within this, taking Venus as the Lagna sub lord fulfills the Rule of Origin and also the divine RP indication.
    Your rectified birth time is 6:37 pm with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 22-51-14. The Lagna cuspal lords are Mercury-Sun-Venus at Kanya 9 deg 24 mins 38 secs. On the date of your marriage on 5th May 1955, you were running Saturn-Rahu-Venus period, with the rectified birth time. Saturn was the significator of 5, Rahu for 7 and Venus for 2, confirming your rectified birth time beyond doubt.

  67. vinayakb says:

    During Prasna, Moon was signifying the 2nd and the 5th house. So, your query is genuine. But Saturn was aspecting Moon, showing that long delay is on the cards for you. However, your 7th cusp sublord Mercury and it’s star and sublord were fully signifying 2, 7 and 11 houses. So, your marriage is a certainty. But you will need to leave your current town of residence, in order to expedite marriage matters, since all these planets showed results by way of change of location. Pray to Lord Saturn very dedicatedly every Saturday after sunset and offer black til oil. Only then marriage will happen between the end of October 2009 and mid March 2010.

  68. vinayakb says:

    Your 7th lord Mercury’s placement in the 12th house (7th lord in its 6th house), bereft of any benefic aspects, is not much favourable. 7th house is aspected by the beneficial 9th lord Mars and the undesirable 6th lord Sun. The positive factors in your horoscope are that of the placement of the ascendant lord Jupiter in the 9th house and presence of Moon and Venus in the 2nd house. Also the placement of the 2nd and 9th lord Mars in the ascendant is much desirable, though it is conjunct with the 6th lord Sun. Parivartana between the 9th lord Mars and the ascendant lord Jupiter makes one quite lucky, by birth itself. Jupiter aspects the ascendant, 3rd house and 5th house(progeny), which can enhance the prospects of your married life. Chances are bright to get married in the second half of 2011.

  69. Ravinder Kaur says:

    Respected Sir Namaskar,
    My son’s DOB is 13th July 1986, 1.30 AM, Hyderabad, Telangana.
    I am looking for alliance for him but not successful till now. He is adamant about the choice of girl as he wants a Hy-fi girl but we are a middle class family. I lost my husband in 2001 on 8th sept. (12.30AM) and have gone through extreme hardships to bring up my children. He gets angry too often and is argumentative. He is the youngest of my three children. Please look into his marriage prospects. Presently he is based in Canada.
    Thanking you,

  70. Dear Mr Vinayak,
    As discussed over the phone call, please confirm question related to my job and career.As when will i get my dream job and what will be my career progression.
    DOB : 13th May,1984
    Place of birth : Kanpur

    Thanks ,

  71. my birth time is 10.46am forgot to mention

  72. Jagdeep Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    My details are:
    Name-jagdeep Singh
    Question-Sir can i wear a yellow saphire prescribed by astrologer. When i look in chart Jupiter is in enemy sign-Gemini. I dont know much. Can u please guied.
    Jagdeep Singh

  73. Ritu says:

    When will i get my dream job
    My dob 13 may 1984
    Birth place kanpur
    Birth time 10.46am
    Pls confirm

  74. Vijay says:

    Guru hi this is regarding my brothers marriage venkat 06/12/1978 TOB: 5:05 pm POB: vijayawada marriage is getting delayed plz help us out

  75. aakanksha says:


    I am going through mental trauma bcz of bad relationship with my husband.
    Will we be happy couple ever?
    My dob 22 Sept 1983
    And my husband’s 10th july 1980
    His name navneet kumar

  76. vinayakb says:

    Please provide Place of birth and time of birth.

    Jai Guru Dev.

  77. vinayakb says:

    Hi Vijay Ji,

    In your Brother’s horoscope, dasha of Saturn is running till 2022. And Antardasha of Mars is till 19-05-2017.
    After analyzing your Dasha, Antardasha, Nakshtra, Up-Nakshtra and Other divisional Charts i can say that, marriage is delayed because of Negative influence of Saturn or Shani. In Marriage Aspects shani is not good in your brother’s horoscope.
    Perform Shani Shanti Yagya of 21000 vedic mantras. By doing this yagya negativity in relationship will decreases.

    For more information you can contact me.

    Jai Guru Dev

  78. vinayakb says:

    Hi Ritu ji,

    After February 2017, Dasha and Antardahsa will be good for you in order to get good Job.
    Do Rudrabhishek in this Shravan Month. It will reduce your Struggle in your professional life and as well as you will see improves in financial gains.

    May god Bless You.
    Jai Guru Dev

  79. vinayakb says:

    HI Jagdeep Ji,

    As i seen your horoscope, Jupiter is placed in first house in Gemini sign and also retrograde in nature.
    And if we analyze all other divisional charts and nakshtra, i would recommend you to not to wear Yellow Sapphire.

    Wear only White Sapphire and Mangal Shanti Yagya.
    By Wearing White Sapphire, your positive aspects in profession, financial and health will increases.
    And by doing Mangal Shanti Yagya, negativity and struggle in you life will decreases.

    Jai Guru Dev.

  80. vinayakb says:

    Hi Ritu Ji,

    Already replied your previous question.If you want, you can call me tomorrow afternoon.

    Jai Guru Dev.

  81. vinayakb says:

    Hi Ravinder Kaur Ji,

    Astrological aspects for your Son are:-

    Lagna:- Aries
    Sign :- Virgo
    Nakshatra:- U. Phalguni

    Negatively Placed Planets :-

    Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio, and Rahu in Aries.

    Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde in nature.
    In your Son’s Horoscope, Seventh house lord Venus is placed in Fifth House of Leo sign. And Ketu is Placed in seventh house. Also Venus is placed in Ketu Nakshatra and Jupiter’s Up-Nakshatra. Also lord of Second House is Venus.
    After analyzing whole horoscope, other divisional charts and Nakshtra, Mercury Antardsha is not good for marriage. And this Antardasha will continue til October 2017. So there is less chances of getting marry til next October 2017. As there is good combination of marrige is showing in Mahadahsa of Rahu but Mercury antardasha is not showing marriage.

    So i would like to suggest you to do Budh Shanti Yagya or Sudrashana Yagya for Your son. He can also wear Yellow Sapphire of 05 Carats to 07 Carats in First finger in Gold ring. Wear only Natural, Govt. Lab Certified and wear it only after energizing it properly.
    By doing this yagya negativity in marriage and their chances will definetly increases.

    For more information you can contact me .

    Jai Guru Dev.

  82. Hari Krishnan Nair says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am waiting for my salary increment from a long time . Could you please suggest me when will I get an expected salary increment and when ?

    It would be great if you provide me the remedies if any .

    DOB: 15-03-1978
    Time: 2:15 AM

    No : 6

  83. vinayakb says:

    As per your Prashna Kundali,
    The chances of increment in salary is less but you can try for it after this September 2016.

    Perform Shatvar Rudram Abhishek, by doing this Abhishek chances of increment and success in professional life will increase. As this month of Sharvan month is auspicious for doing this abhishek.
    For more information about this abhishek visit :-

    Jai Guru Dev.

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