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Wave Theory in Astrology- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt


Everywhere there is motion in nature. Right from the minute electrons up to the giant galaxies, there is a dynamic equilibrium in the universe. There is no uniform motion anywhere. Rather every motion in nature is wave-type. Every celestial body moves with a variable velocity. We simply use mean values of constants, e.g. the average length of a day is considered to be 24 hours in daily life for all practical purposes.

Likewise the period of revolution around the Sun is not always the same but we simply use an average length of the year for casting yearly horoscopes. The longitudes of planets are determined on the basis of their average velocity over a period of twenty four hours. But in reality velocity of a planet changes every second. However the average motion serves our all practical purposes.Basic EW pattern

Due to average precession of equinoxes, Vaishakhi (solar ingress into sidereal Aries) shifts a day on English calendar every 72 years. In astrology we use an equal amplitude system of nakshatras whereas for astronomical purposes there exists an unequal amplitude system of nakshatras. Astrologically Rahu and Ketu retrograde with uniform velocity whereas astronomically it is not so. Besides while computing the longitudes of planets correction due to relativity of time is not applied.

Even then if an astrologer computes the longitudes of a planet up to seconds of arc correct up to a few digits of decimal point, he is performing simply an arithmetical business and does not know about the least count of accuracy of his calculations. One can claim accuracy of mathematical computation of longitudes up to minutes of arc. Precision can only be ascertained through the use of modern computer science, that too, up to a few decimal points.


There is a wave-like sequence of all happenings in nature. Wave theory is very much implied even in the case of horary astrology. From the statistical data of clients of an astrologer it will appear that often a particular class of sufferers visit him in a particular interval of time e.g. most of the querrants ask about happiness from children at a particular time whereas at some other time most of the visitors seek solution for their mental tensions respectively. Sometimes people verily ask for gaining suddenly and becoming rich overnight.

Such cycles go on repeating after unique intervals of time. Big, small and smaller cycles of events in nature cause what may be called as history repeats itself. Any doctor can also infer likewise from the statistical data of his patients that sometimes he had to attend on influenza patients in abundance, sometimes malaria patients and sometimes perform surgical operations etc. According to police record it will be found out that very often crimes of the same type happen to be dealt with by the police authorities in a particular interval of time.

Wave theory has not been dispensed with anywhere in nature. Even a layman in touch with the current news papers also knows that he often reads news about hijacking of planes for a few days and then news about out breaking of fire for some other days and acts of violence for a few more days. Sometimes before, almost in 1985; everyday some rape ease of a police personnel was reported in news papers. In 1987, when a mummified corpse under the black magic of occultist Kaushal was discovered in Chandigarh; more of such cases also came to limelight at that time.

In the light of aforesaid discussion it is evident that a cycle of particular events takes place in nature and then follows another cycle and so on. The history goes on repeating itself on the earth as a whole and on different tracts of land as well. Likewise some cycles of events will be operating in the life of every individual. Probably that is why happy events multiply in a particular interval of time and sad events in another span of time.

Therefore it may be contemplated that an astrologer, however skilled he may be, can neither specify the exact date of promotion of an of individual, nor the overnight change for becoming a millionaire. Astrology rather helps us to estimate the good or the evil trends in a broader way, whatsoever, in a sophisticated manner. Just as we expect approximation in statistical results up to certain decimal digits and rather study the central tendencies of the statistical data, so we do in astrology while approximating the period of prog-prognostication wherein sometimes there occurs a gap of a few days and occasionally some months also between theoretical approximation of time of occurrence and actual happening of an event. This is because we very often make use of mean values of astronomical constants.


Wave theory in astrology is highly reflected in what may be called a system of bio rhythmic curves according to which three cycles viz. physical cycle of 23 days, emotional cycle of 28 days and intellectual cycle of 33 days, start right from the time of birth of a native. Graphically they are represented as sinusoidal curves. The daily position of these cycles of an individual is determined easily from the graph. When the intellectual curve is tending downward, the native will take less interest in intellectual pursuits.

With the downward trend of emotional curve the native will remain under tension and feel discouraged for no apparent reason. With downward trend of physical .curve the native will feel exertion and the efficiency of white corpuscles in blood to fight against any infection will be on the decline. If all the curves simultaneously pass through a critical point, the native will not lead a normal life on that day. ‘there will be physical, emotional and intellectual conflicts on that day. If the drivers are allowed compulsory leave on such critical days, the rate of accidents will surely be lowered. With the upward trend of a curve, the native can be made to work more efficiently in physical, emotional or intellectual assignments as the case may be. This is why a person is not evergreen at every moment. The system of bio rhythmic curves has a lot of significance in astrological prognostications.

These curves may be used to narrow down the span of time of occurrence of an event as envisaged in astrology otherwise. An individual can properly plan his activities in the light of bio rhythmic curves so as to enable himself to work with more momentum. If these curves-are duly kept in view the relationship between officers and sub-ordinates can be fastly improved. Efficiency can be enhanced. For arriving at an entreaty amicably between two top class leaders, a suitable day can be fixed so that their intellectual potentials are put to a maximum use.


As a matter of fact, we come across hot winds, cool breezes and storms at different spans of time in nature. Besides there occurs a wave-type variation in intensity of cosmic radiations. Harvest cycle is governed by the annual motion of the Sun. Tides in the dead water of the sea are controlled by lunisolar attraction. Menstrual cycle of females is directly related with lunar motion. Mornings and evenings, and days and nights alternate each other respectively in a regular manner.

Examples may be multiplied. Astrology is a means which helps us to determine an individual’s position on the curves or the life cycles of. that individual and he can plan his activities accordingly in order to maximise the positive and minimise the negative influences respectively. Any individual’s life is not absolutely stable, rather it comprises of a dynamic equilibrium of happiness and sorrow alternating each other, of course. The application of wave theory in astrology helps to beautify “life on-earth so that this world, being free from the clouds of war, may look pretty and fine.

Wave Theory in Astrology- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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