This disease is to be judged from seventh and eighth houses. Tula and Brischika rasis are seats in natural zodiac ruling the same. Mars is the karaka planet of this disease. When Tula rasi, Brischika rasi, seventh and eighth houses,

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Itches and Skin Diseases in Medical Astrology

Saturn rules over skin. Moon rules the diseases of skin. Affliction of these planets, affliction of Saturn or Moon by malefic Sun and Mercury, situation of all these planets in evil houses.

Conjunction with evil lords and malefics, and a

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Technique to Know Ancestral Anger

Sun or Moon positioned either in Aries or scorpio in the Rasi or Navmansh and the concerned Luminary occupies the Badhaksthan the Native suffers due to the Ancestral Anger. If the luminary concerned is afflicted malefic –

Saturn: It indicates

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Age of Maturity of Capricorn

Capricorn ages are 18, 30, 42, 54, and 66

1) Note if an event concerning Capricorn happened at that age or

2) An event concerning a planet who is placed in Capricorn happened or

Explanation: If the house where Capricorn

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Mercury in 8th House

Mercury’s placement in the eighth house indicates that the native’s father may face business losses, as Mercury is positioned in the twelfth house from the ninth house, which represents the father. The father may also experience health issues related to

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