Karmic Relationship
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As we meet hundreds of people throughout our lives,only a few of them decides to stay back.

Some of them decide to stay as friends ,some of them decide to stay as lovers,some as relatives,some as backbiters and rest of them decide to leave.

Some become our soulmates, some become our karmic-mates.

Now how to differentiate between soulmates and karmic connections?

The Principal Factors for Synastry are:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Venus
  • Jupiter
  • Ascendant
  • Mars(in cases of a male-female connection)
  • Rahu/Ketu.

Let us analyse using case studies based on aspects/conjunction/trinal relationships:

1. Sun:Moon-This is the perfect combination of a soulmate relationship, especially if both of them have their Sun and Moon mutually associated with each other.

For example, Person A has Sun in Aries and person B has Moon in either Aries/Leo/Scorpio.

2. Sun:Venus- When someone has this kind of a combination,it means that the soul of one person tries to enhance the “feel-good” factor or nature of the other person.He would always praise the other person and try to make them feel good about their existence, a soul and physical level.

For example, Person A has Venus in Aries and person B has their Sun in Aries or Libra or trine to Aries.

3. Sun:Ascedant- In this case,the person who has the Sun in trines or opposition or in trinal position to the other person’s ascendant,would always want to boost their self-confidence and personality development on a soul and physical level.

For example, Person A has Sun in Aries and person B has their ascendant or it’s lord in Aries or Libra or trine to Aries.

Similarly when Moon is in trinal placement or conjunction or opposition to another person’s Sun or ascendant or Venus, it enhances or boosts the other person’s confidence Sun)” feel-good factor” (Venus) and personality (Ascendant) but on a mental level.

Now let us understand the difference between the physical and mental level.

Suppose you are extremely exhausted both mentally and physically after doing a lot of household chores and meeting deadlines,so much so that you are about to fall sick.

Suddenly you meet someone and he tells you “Hey,you look great today, !Let me buy you a dress that would complement you and then we will plan out a diet chart and a productivity plan that would bring out the best in you.In this way you would be able to work effectively as well as look healthy and happy all the time.”

That someone can be a friend or your relative or your spouse.

That is what a Sun connection with Moon or Venus or ascendant or it’s lord can do.

Now, suppose you are in a long distance friendship and your friend  elsewhere in a different country with whom you did not even talk for years.He suddenly calls you up and you end up talking with him for 5 hours and share everything.

Once the call gets over,you wonder that you ended up sharing everything with him within 5 hours at a stretch and feel so light on a mental level.You feel “Thank God for having someone like him in my life”.”You feel that you are at home.

Home is represented by Moon. Comfort and peace both are also represented by Moon.

Hence Moon’s connection with the above planets or the ascendant can make you feel like you are at home,with the other person.

Now,let us explore Mars’s and Rahu’s role here.

In the case of any male:female connection,Mars and Rahu’s conjunction/mutual aspect or  trinal relation to a woman’s Venus can give electryifying attraction.

Mars and Rahu both amplify the feminine energy of Venus so in any long-lasting relationships,this kind of an attraction is extremely important.

Overall, Mars whenever is connected to the ascendant/it’s lord/Moon/Sun can become a boon to the other person as he would find a human version of Lord Hanuman giving him courage and showing the right direction in life.

Jupiter on the other hand, whenever associates with the ascendant/it’s lord/Venus/Sun or the Moon can lift the other person up whenever required.

This is like an elder sibling or your best friend,with whom you fight always,but at the end of the day,only he would be able to save you from your troubles or worries or  facing the consequences of your sins.

Now comes the negative aspects of Saturn,Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu: Whenever Rahu gets connected to the other person’s Moon/Sun/ascendant or it’s lord,through a trinal association/mutual aspect/conjunction, it leaves a negative impact on a person and can make the other person obsessed with the person whose Rahu is making the connection.

For example,if person A whose Rahu is conjunct the moon of person B,person B can become obsessed with person A.You can find many people becoming stalkers due to this kind of an association while making a synastry chart.

On the other hand, Saturn’s connection can make the other person very reserved, disciplined and sometimes depressed due to excessive criticism and nit-picking.

Specially Saturn-Moon synastries can prove to cause major distress while checking synastry between two people because of the constant criticism and speaking out words of harsh reality,which is done by the person having their Saturn association.

Similarly Ketu’s association would completely transform the other person and either make them completely spiritual or detached.

Here is an example:

Person A:

25TH October 1989

12:50 am


Person B:

26TH August 1994

06:50 am


Natal Chat

These two people were like soulmates and inseperable in the beginning and it was love at first sight. But later on the bond between these two people broke and they parted their ways.

Positive Aspects:

  1. Same lagna
  2. Sun:Moon connection between person A and person B and vice-versa
  3. Mars of person A is conjunct Venus of person B
  4. Rahu posited in trines to Venus

Negative Aspects:

  1. Sun of person A is in the Rahu-Ketu axis of person B
  2. Saturn of person B connected with Moon and ascendant of person A

The stronger the positive aspects are, the stronger the soulmate connection becomes.

Otherwise,it is more of a karmic connection that would not last very long.

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