Detect Diseases in Horoscope
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Nowadays most women suffer from chronic gynecological ailments like PCOD and endometriosis. How to detect that using Vedic astrology.

PCOD and endometriosis are hormonal problems in women leading them to have irregular menstrual cycles,excessive pain,blood loss,hair growth etc.In more complicated cases,this also leads to surgeries for permanent removal of such problems.

  1. The 8th house of the horoscope deals with the uterus and reproductive systems of women.
  2. Moon represents blood and Mars represents marrow.
  3. Saturn is the karaka for chronic ailments.
  4. The sign of Scorpio is the original sign representing such diseases in any horoscope.
Chart 1 Ill

Any afflictions to the above or association of the 8th house or Moon and Mars with a strongly malefic Saturn or Gulika or Mandi or the Mrityu Bhaga can lead to such complicated and chronic diseases.

Let us now analyse an example:

14th April 1992

12:50 A.M.


This native has got endometriosis from a young age and has had a surgery in the past. Let us see how?

  1. Moon,the karaka is in the 8th house afflicted by the functional malefic Jupiter,badhaka lord Mars and Rahu.
  2. Mars,the badhaka lord and responsible for menstrual cycles aspect the 8th house of surgeries too.It is also afflicted by the the functional malefic Jupiter and Ketu.
  3. Saturn,the karaka for chronic illness, who is the dispositor of Mars is sitting in Lagna and aspects the 6th house of diseases and the dispositor of Gulika and Mandi who is Venus.It is also under papkartari yoga.Since it is also the ascendant lord in the ascendant and aspecting the 5th and 9th lord,the native would be able to recover also.
  4. The sign of Scorpio is not afflicted but it’s owner Mars is afflicted as mentioned above.

All of the above factors led her into having endometriosis,but she feels better now after getting the surgeries done.

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