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Scientific Base of Jyotisha- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Shiksluz Vyakaranam Chhanda Nirukatam lyotisluzm tathal

Kalpashcheti Sadangani Vedasyarhumanishinahll

i.e. There are six limbs of Vedas, viz Shiksha (education), Vyakarna (grammar), Chhanda (Metre), Nirukta (Etymology), Jyotisha (Astrology) and Kalpa (Treatment).

National Heritage

National Heritage

Here we shall discuss the scientific base of astrology, the third eye of man. Broadly speaking, the word `Jyotisha’. Jyotisha implies a two-fold meaning, one, astronomy which deals with the mathematical computation of data concerning with the celestial bodies like planets etc.; two, astrology. Astronomy is a well-disciplined science that has enabled man to embrace the surface of the Moon. Here we shall restrict ourselves to examine Jyotisha scientifically so far as astrology is concerned. For a common man, the very word Jyotisha’ means nothing but applied Jyotisha i.e. astrology which can indicate an overnight change to become a millionaire or to be blessed with promotion in service. On the correctness or otherwise of these two predictions, either he becomes a blind follower of astrology or its stern opponent. Astrology is not merely a fortune telling. In its true perspectives, astrology may be defined as the science which deals with the study of correlation between the terrestrial events and the celestial phenomena. Such a correlation is two-fold, viz massive and individual.

  1. Massive Effect

First of all, let us analyse the massive effect of celestial phenomena or, in other words, how the planetary movements are correlated with terrestrial events en masses.

Astrology and Planets

 In the waxing moon, the number of skin patients and psychic patients goes on increasing and the same continuously decreases in the waxing moon. The menstrual cycle of women is directly related with the lunar cycle around the earth. Likewise the annual motion of the Sun reflects itself in the form of annual rings in the stems of trees and horns of animals like bulls. The dealers can easily estimate the age of a tree with the help of annual rings. There is a twelve year cycle of Sun-spots which bears a direct correlation with the spread of influenza and heart failure deaths. The solar motion has an obvious effect on the harvesting cycle and consequently the fluctuation in the market prices of commodities. The Harvest year of the farmers commences on Nirjala Ekadashi as determined through the lunisolar calendar in current.

There is an eleven-year cycle of solar explosion correlated with the occurrences of wars and political revolutions on earth as enunciated by a Russian scientist Rhetehmari in 1920 A.D. There is also a ninety-year cycle of solar activity. The Sun grows young for 45 years when the atmosphere of peace develops in the world whereas the Sun grows old for the another 45 years when the world becomes infested with earthquakes, diseases and violence etc.

The occurrence of tides in the sea water is very clearly associated with the lunar motion, particularly the lunisolar attraction on earth. Major tides occur on the full-moon-days. Verisimilarly the planetary combinations do affect the terrestrial life in several ways. For example,

 Jnyashukro samagame patati jalamll

i.e. When Mercury and Venus combine, it rains.

 It appears from the study of earthquakes that they often occur near the syzygies i.e. full-moon-day and new-moon-day. In the same context, a nuclear physicist Rudolf Tumaschok had once written to Dr. B.V.Ra ma n expressing his faith in astrology that 83% earthquakes occur when Uranus crosses the meridian of the locality affected with the earthquake. It is said that in Japan there lives a peculiar type of sparrow who flies away from a place at least 24 hours before an earthquake takes place. Similarly many a bird transmigrates from the hills at least a month before the snow begins to fall, whereas even the modem observatories can not afford to give such an exact information in advance.

In the light of foregoing discussion it may be contemplated that a statistical study of many a phenomenon in the heavens can help find.its significant correlation with the multiplicity of events taking place on earth.

Astrology and Wave Theory

 Wave Theory can also be applied to the study of astrology. In Nature, all motions are wave-type motions in one way or the other. For example, sometimes train accidents occur everyday, on some other 6)/s fires break out, and sometimes sinking of boats becomes the order of the day. In fact it is emphasized that a particular type of events go on occurring over a little span of time and at another time another set of events. takes place. Any planetary combination repeats itself after its period, the time between two consecutive occurrences of the phenomenon, and probably that is why the history also repeats itself.

The man is also very much prone to the effect of waves in any form. A Russian scientist has discovered that the man feels very happy and pleasant in the atmosphere of negative particles and he suffers from irritation in the atmosphere of positive particles. Several waves of negative and positive particles respectively form part of the cosmic radiation towards earth at every moment and thus the life over here must be affected likewise. Probably that is why constellations, especially asterisms, have been attached with a great importance in Hindu or Indian astrology. The natal Moon reflects the radiation coming from the birth asterism. It has been observed that Jyestha nakshatra or Alpha Scorpii is the biggest asterism in the heavens and persons whose birth is associated with Jyestha , become very brave and great warriors too. Thus it may be envisaged that astrology is also based on nuclear physics. In fact there exists Van Allen belt at the outskirts of earthly atmosphere, preventing and thus the heavy bombardment of cosmic radiation, otherwise life on earth would have ceased to exist. Even then we receive heavy cosmic radiation such as neutron showers.

Astrology and Dreams

Dreams also serve as the base of divine prognostications. Lincoln had dreamt of his death three days in advance. Though man is capable of visualizing seven colours only, yet there exists a wider range of colours such as infra-red and ultraviolet. Similarly man has his limited audio-range and he can not make out anything of supersonic voices. It may be envisaged that our sub conscious mind can also pick up some natural indications and set the sequence of events in dreams. Dream analysis may also help to determine the sequence of events in real life situations.

  1. Individual Effect

Now we shall study the planetary effect on individual lives also.

Astrology and Life-Science

 In order to study the planetary influences on different indi-viduals, an important example of twins may be taken. Identical twins belong to same sex and their skin can also in inter-grafted whereas

the skin of a person cannot be grafted to any other person at all. The identical twins are prone to similar weal and woes. Their deaths are separated by 3 days or 3 years at the maximum. The planetary influence in this respect has been called by Brown as ‘Planetary Heredity’.

 The intelligence quotient of any child is determined at the time of birth and it cannot be changed at a later stage. Astrology helps to estimate the intelligence quotient of the person. Statistical study has revealed us that there occurs strong martial effect in the horoscopes of military officers. If the Moon is afflicted with Rahu in the natal chart, the person is prone to suffer from mental aberration and psychic disturbance. Malefic like Ketu posited in eighth house in the birth chart cause secret diseases. Such examples may, of course, be multiplied.

 During eclipse, the child in the womb is prone to be badly affected with hard radiation. That is why the expectant mother is advised to sit and not to lie flat so that the bodily surface to exposure is mini-mized. It is also advised to recite holy scriptures during eclipse, probably because the sound vibration power thus produced helps to charge the subject against the evil influences as mentioned above. In the light of this discussion, astrology obviously has a bio-physical foundation.

 Astrology and Bio-Chemistry

Astrology has a bio-chemical base also. To cite an example, if a chronic patient is administered with a dose of some new medicine on the eighth lunar day, the effect of the drug is promptly made out. The reason for this is that the relative density of blood is almost the same as the relative density of the sea water. On the eighth lunar day, the geocentric elongation of the Moon with respect to the Sun is 90° and thus lunisolar attraction is minimum. Sea water and the blood are least disturbed. Thus the effect of the new drug can be easily made out. Examples can be multiplied. In fact, election astrology is a separate branch of astrology.

The Sun also has some effect on the human blood. A Japanese medical man Tomoto was amazed at finding that the blood of males is also diluted at the eleventh year solar flare.

 Astrology and ‘Society and Religion’

There are social and religious foundations of astrology. Astrology helps to determine lunar days, festivals, weak-days and beginning of lunar months of Moslem calendar. Civil time is also maintained with the help of astrology and sometimes after a long span of time some Correction has to be made in our clocks in civil use. Without the aid of astrology, the daily social and religious life would come to a standstill.

 In the light of foregoing discussion, it may be easily contemplated that there must exist a sound correlation between celestial phenomena and the terrestrial events.

How and why planets affect us, is a matter of separate discussion. In conclusion, it may be remarked that astrology is a science. It is no longer confined to determine the date of promotion and overnight change in the financial status of a person. In fact, with the proper use of astrology, we can eliminate certain dangers and we can determine the full potential of the child so that adequate facilities may be provided with for the proper development of the child. The birth chart helps us to learn about the attitudes and aptitudes of the child. Weak points of the personality of the child can be sorted out and suitable remedial measures may also be adopted with the aid of astrology. Astrology also helps us to prognosticate in advance about the forthcoming spread of a disease, floods and cyclones etc. There is a strong need to understand the language of nature. Just as if a limb is in trouble, the whole of the physical body senses the pain, so a tiny event in the universe affects the whole of the universe. In 1950, George Giardi has termed this organic unity as cosmic chemistry. So like a beautiful part of the organic unity, let all of us live like brothern.

Scientific Base of Jyotisha- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt