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Hessonite Gemstone: Know Your Hessonite Gem Astrologically

Hessonite, which is the gemstone associated with Rahu.Rahu as we know is an important planet in each horoscope and the nature as well as the strength of Rahu can vary from horoscope to horoscope, which means that in some horoscopes, Rahu may be very strong, it may be having average strength in some horoscopes and it may be weak or very weak in some other horoscopes. The strength of Rahu is measured by various methods available in Vedic astrology though some astrologers and people interested in astrology still think that the presence of Rahu in a particular sign is the only factor that can affect the strength of Rahu in a horoscope.

This is not true because there are many factors that can influence the power or weakness of Rahu in a horoscope and the location of Rahu in a particular sign is just one of them. In the future, sometimes Rahu can be weakened in a horoscope due to its location in the weakening mark due to the infliction of one or more malefic planets in the horoscope due to the weak placement in some specific horoscope houses and several other factors. When Rahu weakens in a horoscope, it cannot completely protect its general and special concepts, and therefore native can see bad results or fewer good results related to the significances of Rahu.

If such a weak Rahu acts as a beneficial planet in a horoscope, an extra strength must be given to a Rahu so weak that it can begin to work properly in the horoscope and it may protect its significances. This results in good things happening to the native in various spheres of his life. This extra strength is provided with the help of a particular gemstone called Hessonite, which transfers the energy of Rahu from the planet to the body of native who wears this gemstone.

Hessonite is called Rahu Ratna or Gomedak in Sanskrit and Gomed in Hindi. This gemstone captures the energy of Rahu from its upper surface and it transfers this energy into the body of the native who wears it. The extra energy of the Rahu transported by Hessonite to the body of the native that provides extra strength and begins to work more intensely in the horoscope, body as well as the Aura of the native. It should be noted that a Hessonite is only capable of increasing the strength of Rahu inside the body and Aura of a native by transferring additional energy of Rahu and this gemstone is not capable of changing the working nature of Rahu in a horoscope.

This means that if Rahu works positively or Rahu is beneficial to a horoscope, using this gem will increase the power of Rahu and, therefore, Rahu will be positive Gaining power, it will begin to produce good results with greater quantity and frequency. On the other hand, if Rahu works negatively, which means that Rahu is horrible in the horoscope, using the precious stone for Rahu will give extra power to this negative Rahu and as it gains strength, it will start causing problems and losses for the native with increased strength and quantum. Therefore, care should be taken that only these people use this gem, that they have beneficial Rahu in their horoscopes, while the natives have a bad Rahu In your horoscope, you should not use the hessonite because they use this gemstone that can cause serious problems in many areas of their lives.

Looking at the composition of this gemstone, Hessonite belongs to the family of garnet, which is a type of family of gemstones, and this gemstone is found available in different colors and shades of Orange Brown ranging from light Orange Brown, medium dark Orange Brown to dark Orange Brown. The color and clarity of this gemstone are 2 important aspects to look for when purchasing a Hessonite though color and clarity are not the only aspects which decide the quality of this gem and there are many other aspects that can affect the quality and effectiveness of this gemstone.

Therefore, it is very difficult for an ordinary person to verify or verify the exact quality of a Hessonite, but even then, controlling the color and proper clarity can still make a difference in the kind of gemstone you are going to purchase. It should be noted that the different colors of Hessonite may be suitable for different natives and that each native must use a Hessonite of a color that has been recommended by his astrologer. Changing the color of this gemstone against the recommendation of your astrologer can result in some side effects which may keep bothering you along with the benefits, It is not likely that the change in color of this gemstone will cause this gem to produce all the negative effects for you, so Rahu is so beneficial to your horoscope.

Hence due attention should be paid to the color of your Hessonite when purchasing this gemstone. Special attention should be paid to the weight of this valuable stone that your astrologer recommends, and it is strongly recommended that you use a Hessonite that falls under the weight range that your astrologer recommends when changing the weight of this gem at your own discretion or the advice of your jeweler can bring unwanted and unwanted results.

For example, using a Hessonite much less in weight than the weight of this gemstone that your astrologer recommends may not bring significant results or results for While the use of a Hessonite that is much higher than the weight of this gemstone, which is recommended by your astrologer can cause mild or severe side effects. In some extreme cases, it can also cause negative effects because the native can not handle so much extra energy from the Rahu, which has been transferred into his body through this gemstone. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the weight of Hessonite that your astrologer recommends when buying this gemstone.

Vedic astrology recommends performing certain processes before carrying a hessonite, which may include steps such as cleaning and activating this gem. Purification of a Hessonite is the process through which any negative energy attached to this gemstone is removed with the help of Mantras and some specific Vedic procedures whereas the energization of Hessonite is the process by which this gem is charged with the help of the mantras and with certain particular Vedic processes so that it can produce the optimum results. The procedures for cleaning and activating a Hessonite technical process should only be carried out by experts who are familiar with the procedures to take them to those processes. Once the native has his duly purified mai energized Hessonite fitted in a ring or in a pendant, the pct step is to wear this gemstone, which also involves some iredfic procedures.

Vedic astrology recommends that a Hessonite should be worn on a Saturday morning when the native is wearing this gemstone for the first time in his life. Before using a Hessonite on Saturday morning, natives should put this precious stone in GangaJal (water from the Ganga River) or a mixture of uncooked milk and pure water about 8 to 12 hours before the time of wearing this gemstone, which comes out to be Friday evening in most cases as this gemstone is recommended to be worn on a Saturday morning.

The native should take his bath on Saturday morning, say his prayers and then he should sit or stand in front of the ring or pendant and he should first chant Mool Mantra or Beej mantra of Rahu for 108 times or 27 times and then he should pray to lord Rahu and ask him to provide best possible results from this gemstone. After doing so, the native should take the Hessonite ring or Pendant, he should rinse it with clean water in case he had put it in a mixture of unboiled milk and water, then he should wipe it with a clean cloth and after completing all these procedures, the native should wear his Hessonite ring.

It should be noted that a Hessonite should be worn on a Saturday morning and this gemstone should not be worn on a Saturday evening for the first time as doing so can cause some unwanted side effects or initial problems for the native. Mool Mantra and Beej Mantra of Rahu are given below for the convenience of readers:

Rahu Mool Mantra: Om Raahve Namah

Rahu Beej Mantra: Om Bhraam Bhreem Bharaum Sah Raahve Namah

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