Best Astrologer in New York
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Best Astrologer in New York by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Jyotish (literally, ‘Light’; by extension, ‘The Study of Light’) is India’s system of divination. Vedic Astrology is a science that has come down to us as a gift from the Ancient Rishis. It is the model of reality which interprets the observed conditions of the cosmos at the time of event in order to provide insight into the nature of that event. Astrology is derived from the word ‘Aster’ which means start and ‘logos’ which means reason. In Sanskrit it is called Jyotish or the science of ‘time’.

Astrology is a branch of Veda and is regarded as Vedanga (part of Vedas) with the help of which it is possible to tell all the past and future events by considering the ascendant and the planets at birth time. The facts of Jyotish can be transmitted through a Jyotishi or the best Vedic Astrologer, Vinayak Bhatt who has received the needed spark from his own mentor, “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”, one fire igniting the next, generation after generation. Vinayakbhatt Foundation founded by the best Vedic Astrologers based in India who can help you deal with every life circumstances in an impeccable way.

Emerson has said: “Astrology is excellent, but it must come up into life to have its full value,And not remain there as Globes and Spaces.”

Vedic Astrology is such a science that, if utilized with patience, honesty and skill, it breaks through the barrier which separates life from the future and gives an insight into man’s endeavors and his intimate destiny.


Vedic Astrology without remedies is like a body without a soul. Sage Parasar, the founder of Vedic Astrology founded many Astrological remedies in his works. Vinayakbhatt Foundation will let you know about the various ways which help us in mitigation of astrological miseries. These are charity, yantras, fasting, mantra recitation, gems therapy, colour therapy, and use of roots and herbs and are conducted by our best astrologer in New York.

Charity: It is the most invaluable weapon against the effect of planets. The law of nature is that people, who donate more and more, get back not only in returns in material from but also get relief from their problems.

Fasting: It is the most effective way to control the wavelength of a particular planet. Propitiation of a planet can be done by fasting on the day ruled by that planet.

Colour Therapy: Colours which harmonise with your birthday, soul urge, destiny, and birth path are of supreme importance. Wear the colours of your birthday for social affairs and gaiety. For relaxation and for protection against adverse vibrations wear the colour of your soul urge.

Gem Therapy: Gems radiated and effected by planets and stars in our solar system. Naturally, being direct conductors of cosmic energy, they work as receiver and transmit their energies directly into our body.

Mantras: They are the vibration of the sounds on the human nervous system which will cause the subtle positive effects on the person and neutralize the harmful energy indicated by an afflicted planet. These are the prayers that are done to invoke the grace of a planetary energy to lessen its negative effects as revealed in the horoscope.


Vinayak Bhatt is a globally acclaimed world’s best astrologer in New York, offering astrology services to individuals who are facing confronting issues for a long time. He is broadly known for offering viable and most effective services to people and couples originating from various caste, religion, and group. Pandit Ji is a specialist in tending to the life issues of individuals through the birth chart and giving them the permanent solution. He takes care of everybody’s issue on priority and suggests best solutions for them to give them a chance to carry on with a peaceful life. Pt. Vinayak Bhatt is the best astrologer who never let down his clients and treats them to the best of his insight.

World best astrologers of Vinayakbhatt Foundation are obligingly available in all areas of New York State. We give you best solutions of life-problems by using best methods of Vedic Astrology that can truly help you in taking care of the considerable number of issues. Giving best preventive measures to future issues, moderating impacts of negativities in the present situation and minimizing impacts of negative planetary vibrations are the fundamental elements of Vinayakbhatt astrological services and remedial program.

He will guide you the best of his knowledge for achieving maximum success in your life.

Health Consultation

Staying fit and fine is not difficult if you have a pure soul. Learn about some easy astrology solutions that can keep you mentally and physically fit.


The importance of education in one’s life couldn’t be underestimat. You can know about the ways to improve your chances of being successful in your chosen stream of education by consulting with astrologer Vinayak Bhatt.

Litigation Analysis

Dealing with court cases could be stressful. Find the right ways to increase your chances of success through astrology.


If you are planning to conceive a child, then you can improve your chances of doing so with some easy and effective astrological remedies. Know about them today.  

Career & Business Consultation

A person’s career or business can change your life. Find out about the ways to succeed in your profession by consulting with astrologer Vinayak Bhatt.

Real Estate Consultation

When you buy a new property, do choose the right time. Analyse the prospects of increasing your gains from a great real estate investment through Vedic predictions.

Vehicle Consultation

While buying a vehicle, know about the auspicious time. It could lead to a major impact on your life. Contact astrologer Vinayak Bhatt to know more about the right type of vehicle to buy at the right time.

Kundli Reading

Know about your future better with a detailed Janampatri reading by astrologer Vinayak Bhatt who is an expert in astrology specialist.

Marriage Astrology

When will you get married? How will be your life partner? Where will you find them and when? Get answers about questions like these by relying on astrology.  

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