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=> You can directly consult through Telephonic/Skype and ask any question. There is no limit of queries. You will get proper solutions to your queries.

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Astrology Consultant Vinayak Bhatt
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About Astrologer

Vinayak Bhatt, recognized far and wide, stands as an esteemed astrologer, author, vedic educator and vedic counsellor. His reputation is built upon visionary insights and a profound grasp of Vedic knowledge. Across a career spanning more than 20 years, he has firmly established himself as an adept predictor and a guiding beacon for those in search of astrological counsel.

His upbringing in a devout family deeply engrossed in occult sciences forged a robust connection to the mystical realm in Vinayak from an early age. This nurtured curiosity led him to explore the collective unconscious psyche of humanity and plumb the depths of Vedic wisdom.

Although he initially set out to attain a master’s degree in Computer Applications, Vinayak’s burgeoning love for astrology gradually gained prominence, eventually steering him to wholeheartedly adopt astrology as his chosen journey. This journey led him to establish his very own enterprise, “VedicGrace Foundation,” a platform through which he extends consultations, guided meditation programs, mantra chanting sessions, and vedic pujas to individuals seeking guidance and counsel.

Vinayak’s proficiency surpasses the boundaries of conventional astrology readings. He provides in-depth annual chart analyses, delving into critical life aspects such as career, health, marriage, finances, and more. His prognostications are meticulously recorded, drawing from a blend of meticulous scrutiny, personal experience, and the abundant heritage of Vedic astrology.

As a respected instructor, Vinayak has pioneered innovative astrology courses that explore uncharted territories. Among these courses are “Ayur Jyotish,” “Vedic Astrology for Beginners,” “Prashneeyam,” and “Market Forecasting.” These courses forge new paths in the field of astrology, with “Prashneeyam” and “Jyotishmati Pragya Meditation Program” standing out as trailblazing achievements. Notably, he contributes as a teacher, writer, and researcher at Saptarishis Astrology, a highly regarded astrological organization renowned for its contributions in the realm of astrology.