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Yellow Sapphire- Know Your Gem Yellow Sapphire

Vedic Astrology recommends 9 gems, one for each planet, among the Navagrahas. These nine gems are called Ruby, Pearl, yellow sapphire, sapphire or white diamond, red coral, emerald, blue sapphire, Hessonite and cat’s eye, which are used for the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu respectively. In this series of articles we will examine some of the properties of each gemstone and in this article we will discuss some important things about Yellow Sapphire, the jewel associated with Jupiter.

Jupiter, as we know, is an important planet in each horoscope and the nature and strength of Jupiter can vary from different schemes, which means that Jupiter can be very strong in some horoscopes, can of some average thickness have horoscopes and can from others Horoscopes are weak or very weak. The strength of Jupiter is measured by various methods that are available in Vedic astrology, although some astrologers still think that the presence of Jupiter in a particular sign is the only factor that can affect the strength of Jupiter’s horoscope.

This is not true because there are many factors that can affect the strength or weakness of Jupiter in a graph, and the location of Jupiter in a particular character is just one of them. In the forward movement of Jupiter it can sometimes be weaker in a horoscope because in its sign of weakening due to the difficulty of one or more bad planets in the horoscope, due to the low ranking in some specific houses of the horoscope and several others factors. If Jupiter becomes weaker in a horoscope, it will not be able to protect its general and specific meanings, and therefore the natives may see poor results or less good results in terms of the meaning of Jupiter.

If such a weak Jupiter functions as a useful planet in a horoscope, Jupiter must be given additional power that is so weak that it can function correctly in the horoscope and protect its meanings. This translates into good things that happen to the locals in different areas of their lives. This extra strength is provided by a special gem called Yellow Sapphire, which transmits the energy of Jupiter from the planet itself to the body of the person using it.

The yellow sapphire is called Guru Ratna or Pushparaag in Sanskrit, Peela Pukhraaj or Pukhraj in Hindi. This precious stone captures the energy of Jupiter from its upper surface and transfers that energy to the body of the native who carries it. The additional energy of Jupiter, which is transmitted by the yellow sapphire in the body of the natives, gives Jupiter additional strength and begins to work harder on the board, both in the body and in the aura of the natives. It should be noted that a yellow sapphire is only able to increase the strength of Jupiter in the body and in the aura of a native additional energy is transferred from Jupiter and this gem cannot change the working nature of Jupiter in a horoscope.

This means that if Jupiter is a positive worker or Jupiter is in a benefits horoscope, it bears this jewel of Jupiter’s strength and the positive Sun Jupiter is gaining strength increase, will produce good results for the native with the quantum and a higher frequency will begin. On the other hand, if Jupiter is negative working capacity, which means that Jupiter is evil in the table, you use the gemstone Jupiter force is added to give this negative Jupiter and how they gain strength, which will start causing problems and losses for native therefore, you must be very careful that only these people should be taken using this jewel that beneficial Jupiter in their horoscopes, while the natives should not use a sapphire a bad Jupiter in their yellow horoscopes, because the use of this stone serious problems in many areas of their lives can cause.

As for the composition of this precious stone, yellow sapphire is one of the families of corundum, which is a type of family jewel and this jewel is light yellow in various colors and shades of yellow in the areas of, medium dark to dark yellow. The color and clarity of this precious stone are two important aspects for which you should take into account when buying a yellow sapphire, although color and clarity are not the only aspects that determine the quality of this gem.

Therefore, it is for a common person very difficult to check the exact quality of a yellow sapphire or check, but even then, checking the right color and the right clarity can still make a difference in the type of jewelry you make you are going to buy, It should be noted that different colors of yellow sapphire may be appropriate for different natives and, therefore, each native should use a yellow sapphire of one color, as recommended by his astrologer. Changing the color of this gem against the recommendation of your astrologers can cause some side effects that can make you angry with the benefits, although the color change of this gemstone probably does not produce negative effects of this gem is, if Jupiter is so beneficial in your letter.

Therefore, when buying this jewel, you should pay special attention to the color of your yellow sapphire. You should also pay special attention to the weight of this gemstone recommended by your astrologer. It is advisable to use a yellow sapphire that is within the range recommended by your astrologer, such as: For example, changing the weight of this discretion of precious stones or the advice of your jeweler can bring unwanted and unwanted results for you .

For example, the use of a yellow sapphire, which is much easier to bring as the weight of this gem recommended by your astrologer, there are no significant results or results while using a yellow sapphire, which has a weight much greater than the weight of This precious stone, recommended by your astrologer can cause mild or severe side effects. In some extreme cases, it can also have negative effects, since the natives are unable to handle so much extra energy from Jupiter that was transmitted through this gem in their body. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the weight of the yellow sapphire recommended by your astrologer when buying this precious stone.

Vedic Astrology recommends that you perform certain procedures before using a yellow sapphire, which may include steps such as cleaning and activating this gemstone. The purification of a yellow sapphire is the process in which any negative energy that adheres to this gemstone is removed by mantras and a certain specific vedic method, while the energy of a yellow sapphire is the process that is performed by the gemstone it is with the help of mantras and some specific Vedic procedures are loaded so that you can achieve optimal results. The processes of cleaning and energizing a yellow sapphire are technical processes and only experts who know the proper procedures to perform these processes should guide them. Once the natives have properly cleaned and energized their yellow sapphire, mounted on a ring or pendant, the next step is to wear this gem, which also includes some specific procedures.

Vedic astrology recommends using a yellow sapphire on a Thursday morning when the natives use this gemstone for the first time in their lives. Before wearing a yellow sapphire on a Thursday morning, the natives owe this jewel in (Ganges river holy water) or in a mixture of raw milk and pure water about 8 to 12 hours before using this stone place for drinks, which will come on Wednesday night, in most cases, it is recommended to wear this jewel on Thursday morning.

The native should take Thursday morning, a bathroom, say his prayers, then he should sit in front of the ring or pendant and standing and he should sing first Mool Mantra or Jupiter Beej Mantra 108 times or 27 times, and then he will went to pray Jupiter to God and ask him to provide the best possible results of this precious stone. After that, the Indians must have the yellow sapphire ring, or partisan, they should rinse it with clean water, if it is then placed in a mixture of raw milk and water.

It should be noted that a yellow sapphire should be worn on Thursday mornings and that this jewel should not be worn for the first time on Thursday night, as this may cause unwanted side effects or initial problems for the native. However, once this precious stone is used, the natives must use it for the rest of their lives unless their astrologer indicates otherwise. Next, Mool Mantra and Beej Mantra of Jupiter are offered for the convenience of readers:

Jupiter Mool Mantra: Om Gurve Namah

Jupiter Beej Mantra: Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah

The use of a yellow sapphire with the methods recommended by Vedic astrology can bless the natives with many good and very good things that fall into the common meaning and specific meanings of Jupiter. Horoscope of the natives. Therefore, all natives are invited to use this gemstone with the proper procedure to get the most out of this gemstone. After using this jewel for the first time, the locals should periodically clean their yellow sapphire to continue obtaining the best results of this jewel.

A good frequency to clean a yellow sapphire is once every 3 to 6 months, depending on the nature of the local work and the speed with which this gem collects fatty deposits of oil and dust on its surfaces. If you do not clean your yellow sapphire for a long time, it can cause large deposits on the surface of this gemstone, especially at the bottom of this gemstone. These deposits can negatively affect the functioning of your Yellow Sapphire by blocking the energy rays of Jupiter that will be transmitted through this gem to your body. Therefore, all natives who wear a yellow sapphire should clean regularly to make the most of this gemstone.

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