Development of Mental Faculties
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Development of Mental Faculties – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Ancient sages had also devised certain mantras and practices in order to activate any particular faculty of mind. Because every person does not have the capacity and potentiality to make out the rationale behind the theory of mantras, so they were garbed in the religious lore and were designed to propitiate a certain god or goddess for gaining his or her blessings. Through recitation of a certain mantra in a proper manner coupled with concentrating one’s mind on a god or goddess, one is tuned to a certain welcome-18-638frequency at which a particular faculty of mind begins to operate. The occultist living as a normal man, can tune himself, when desired, to the same frequency off and on. Whereas the recitation of a mantra helps to generate sound vibrations, the concentration of mind on a particular image of a god creates the same effect through visual impact. The effect of sound vibration has been proved beyond doubt. In personal fighting, even the vocal instigator is also charged with the crime in civil law.

Beating of the trumpet is often associated with the collective working of labourers. Here it would still be more interesting to note that the vibration through recitation of a mantra creates the image of a particular style and the visual impact of that particular style generates the same vibration. Probably a sage after reciting a mantra continuous for a long time might have seen a particular image which when drawn and painted on canvas of those times became the symbol of a deity, the name which was assigned to that image-photograph. Probably the photographs of deities might have been designed through such vibration-images, of course. It is therefore obligatory on.the part of indological researchers to properly decode the language of deities classifying innumerable faculties of human mind, as propounded by ancient Indian sages.

Now a reference may be made to the noble and pious way of living as expected of an occultism. In fact by living as a pious man, the occultism never feels guilty conscience and demoralized. Thus he would be conveniently able to maintain the activated state of a particular faculty of mind. It is easily understandable that a demoralized occultism can not make full use of his mental powers and he will soon degenerate to lose all of his powers.

It is only because of this that the occultism is primarily expected to do good to other people and not harm any body. It is worth mentioning here that in certain occult practices, meat, wine and sex are made use of in obtaining the desired results. But the present author is fully convinced that these things need not necessarily be used for obtaining a particular result in this field and the same can be obtained by simple meditation and other pious practices. Through practising a pious way of approaching the target the occultism is expected to emerge out still more successful.


In the field of occult science there exists a lot of literature including Sharda Tilak, Meru Tantra, Damara Tantra, Udish Tantra, Kamdhenu Tantra and Mahanirvana Tantra etc. The occultist should perform occult practices with full devotion and concentration and should visualize the desired goal through mental eye. Occult power should be employed under suitable conditions in accordance with the natural laws of the universe.

In the end, it may be remarked that the science of occultism is based on certain mysterious laws of nature, some of which are yet to be decoded in their proper perspectives. The laws of occultism can never go against the natural laws in this universe.

There can hardly be any occultist who can revive the life of a person who has been declared dead according to natural laws of medicine. A deadlike person whose breathing cycle has been slowed down to the extent of a breathing cycle an hour or more, say, may be activated to normal life situation. But a dead body kept for months together can never regain life. Such cases are exploitations of the sublime sceince of occultism.

Now the modern scientific discoveries are opening many new vistas of knowledge in the field of occultism. More research is needed to rehabilitate the old due status to the science of occultism in the real sense.


Astrological science deals with the study of correlation between terrestrial events and the celestial phenomena of planetary movements and positions among the heavens. The terrestrial efforts of cosmic radiations can be directly interpreted in terms of planetary motion among the stars. As a result of cosmic radiation, the atmosphere around us is loaded with positively or negatively charged particles which do affect the human mental functioning. A Russian scientist has shown that the man just naturally feels pleased in an atmosphere loaded with negatively charged particles.

In this way the effect of charged atmosphere depending upon the intensity of charge varies from time to time and place to place. That is why sometimes the events of hijacking aero-planes multiply, sometimes the frequency of railway collisions in-creases, sometimes racial violence sprouts up in different parts of the world and sometimes peace conferences are going on in full swing everywhere. To conclude, there starts a fresh wave of a particular type after some span of time and a particular type of events becomes the order of the day. Thus it may be contemplated that the astrological system of planets can definitely help us in promoting our understanding of the mental trends of the society in general.


It has been observed that a few days in the neighbourhood of the moment when a planet becomes direct or retrograde and thus reverses the direction of its motion, are very significant so far as good or bad but important events are concerned in the lives of people as a society and as an individual as well. The intensity of an event is quite relative to the regional and personal situations concerned. For example, lunatic tendency in a half mad person increases with the waxing Moon whereas an otherwise normal person becomes slightly imbalanced during that period. With the waxing Moon, the effect becomes diagonally opposite.

There is quite normalcy in the neighborhood of 8th lunar day. It is, of course, worth mentioning here that at some religious places, some religious congregations are held on new-moon-days and full-moon-days. Such religious gatherings are indeed useful because people in general are more prone to mental imbalance on these days and they become tension free by sublimating their extra mental power through absorbing them-selves in religious performances. Thus people are saved from the ill influences of their more proneness to mental instability on the days of synergies. Thus it would be advisable that important meetings and conventions designed for betterment of countries, nations and peoples may be arranged in the neighborhood of eighth lunar day so that full intelligence may be utilized for arriving at solid conclusions.

The participant-pants in the meetings and conventions being held on the days of synergies will apply their brains much lesser than they display their emotional and sentimental feelings. On the other hand a couple can exchange their feelings rather better on the days of synergies. It is worth-mentioning here that in the neighborhood of eighth lunar day, not only the surgical operation is performed in a better way and the healing is expedited but the patient also maintains a sound mental health because the blood is the least disturbed due to lunisolar attraction on that day.

It appears that the relationship between astrology and mental trends might have given birth to the system of muhurtas or finding an auspicious time what is technically called as election astrology. Ancient sages through their steller knowledge have even prescribed certain muhurtas or auspicious times for conception so as to felicitate the couple to multiply their conjugal happiness in full swing in order to give birth to a child of their choice. Even the modern psychology endorses this view.


Male and female horoscopes are compared for steller matching for marriage in order to ascertain whether the couple has like mental trends, same intellectual interests and compatible biological structures. For example, it is determined from the birth constellation whether the man belongs to the class of gods, humans or devils. Astrology prevents a god man or the man belonging to the class of gods from marrying a woman of devil class. Likewise there are eight vargas or classes as per birth name according to a quarter of a constellation.

If a man of Lion class marries a woman of deer class, mutual conflicts at home will multiply. But if the man of Lion class marries a woman of rat class, mutual attraction will increase limitlessly. There are some other aspects of horoscope matching which surely help us to predetermine whether a male and a particular female should marry for bettering their lives or not.


Astrology helps to prognosticate in advance about the mental treads of the child so far his potentialities in regard to profession are concerned. For example, Saturn and Ketu posited at the eastern horizon at the time of birth make the native obstinate, suspicious and mentally tense. If Mars crosses the meridian at the time of birth, the native gets blessed with engineering capabilities. Thus it may be contemplated that in the light of astrological findings, proper arrangements may be made for making the best use of the potentialities and capabilities of the native.

Beneficial Influences can be multiplied and evil influences can be mitigated through proper channelization of extra energy of the native. For example, a person fond of tour and travel may be appointed as a sales agent who will not only quench his thirst for travelling but also make an earning for his livelihood. In this manner he will kill two birds with one stone.


An efficient astrologer needs to be an expert not only in the field of mathematics alone but also in different aspects of Psychology as well because he has to attend a variety of people including children, young and old fellows. Astrology is a nice means to pacify the disturbed minds through proper directionality. Astrology in general has been looked down upon because the so called foretellers established in every street of a city have started making money easily through exploiting the popular faith of the common masses in astrology. But on the other hand sometimes an astrologer has to come down at the mental level of his clients. I have helped many diseased minds get rid of ghosts and they do believe that I have controlled the reins of the king of ghosts who helps me to do the needful in such cases because I have to talk to such people in terms of vocabulary of ghostly phenomena known to even the laymen every-where.

But I personally understand that I have only applied the techniques of psychological counselling for treating such people suffering from psychological problems. A healthy and medically fit woman was not conceiving only because she had been sharing through repeated visualisation the feelings of neighbouring childless lady who often suffered in confrontation with other members of the family. In a layman’s language I told her that her side was under the maligned influence of occultism it needs to be remedied astrologically before she may be prone to conceive. She at once endorsed my views because every other astrologer had advised her likewise but none had prescribed any astrological remedy. The couple got ready for occult treatment. But in the meantime I happened to talk with her husband who claimed to have studied Marxism and the modern works of the pioneer rationalist Dr. I. Cavoor, and disclosed to him the real secret of psychological trouble of his wife.

Though he was advised in confidence that along with psychological counselling she will be treated with occult means like amulets etc. only because she has developed her notions by this time that she cannot be treated with any medical treatment without the aid of occult remedies, yet he was expecting from me that I should be able to perform a wonder under the realms of astrological occultism. Some of the so called rationalists even get ready to spend huge amounts to find a quick solution where their subjective feelings are being injured rather than to be bold enough to face the real situations in their personal lives patiently. In fact astrological occultism is no less than a wonder if it can modify the mental trends of a person in accordance with his or her mental level.

To an adivasi in the remote forests even in these days, the act of burning fire with the use of a match box will appear to be an extra ordinary wonder whereas it is a minor thing in the far advanced scientific world of today. The power of occultism is not something unnatural. It is the outcome of powerful thought waves. In the battle field a brave general proves to be a great occultist if he can enthuse his soldiers with the spirit of fighting up to last breath. Every astrologer needs to be an occultist so that he may be able to modify the mental trends of a dejected and frustrated fellow and enable him to start living afresh.

Our old scriptures also prescribe that an astrologer needs to wear neat and clean clothes and maintain a pleasing personality coupled with pure and noble conduct and character so that he may develop high mental powers. Though occult remedial measures form a separate branch of astrological lore are mostly the psychological tools which used in relation to time, place, social and individual situations help to suitably modify the mental trends of the people in general. It is a moral obligation on the part of an astrologer that he may use occult remedial measures in a proper manner.


An expert astrologer must look into the mental trends of the client before he makes any prediction. If an astrologer endorses the views of suicidal tendencies of his client, the latter gets inspired to prove what has been already written in his fate. Rather the astrologer must attempt to rectify the wrong thinking of his visitor. Astrology is not an absolute divination. Astrology is rather a scientific model based on some parameters like planet’s, signs and constellations etc. for delineating the social and individual trends of people. Like statistics, astrology is a means for sophisticated estimation of mental trends of human race.

Astrological knowledge can be scientifically verified through statistical techniques such as multiple correlation, multiple regression analysis, analysis of variance etc. etc. Test of significance can also be applied to see that astrological predictions cannot be mistaken for merely a matter of chance but rather they are statistical truths. It is indeed need of the hour that like registered medical practitioners astrologers must require registration. before they start astrological practice. Besides rationale of astrology, what it is and what it is not, needs to be made known to people in general. Although Dr. Cavoor in his learned writings has touched the apparently physical broad base of astrology yet he has been able to unearth the ex-exploitation by the so called occultisms like half-baked astrologers and saint prognosticators.

There is absolutely nothing of astrology with the people who prognosticate with a whirling head under the influence of some souls. It is rather a corrupt form of astrology which is worth condemning. But on the other hand, like the drum beater in a show if a person disbelieves in astrology he is as much in the dark as a person believes in it quite blindly. There also exists precision and sublimity in astrology. Any good testing device is quite meaningless until and unless it is properly operated upon. Just like Psychology, astrology may be properly utilised for making out the true picture of mental trends of a person and directionality his mental powers so that he may develop to his maximum within the relative limits of his environment.

Development of Mental Faculties – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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