The World of Ghosts
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The World of Ghosts- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

The idea of the world of ghosts is very much fascination to us just as every one feels concerned, in one way or the other, with the metaphysical existences of a heaven and a hell. Since time immemorial, several philosophical networks have been interwoven with the concept of liberation of soul so as to reach the eternal abode. Several religious rites have been designed so as to save one-self from the afterlife hellish situations.

But the world of ghosts has as yet remained unexplored from the scientific point of view, though several crude phenomena and practices seem to have been developed in order to deal with ghostly occurrences. The present author holds the opinion that passage of time the occult practices comprising of the so-called ‘Black Magic’ lave lost their true meanings and they are found these days adulterated with intellectual corruption, thus, exploiting with the popular faith of the common people in the para psychological phenomena. Here an attempt has been made to make a logical and scientific inquiry into the world of ghosts and determine the true meaning of a ghost or the tale interpretation of a ghostly phenomena.


First of all, a question arises whether a ghost has a physical existence or not. If not, then how and why a person may be .aid to have fallen a prey to the evil spirits. However, modern physics, particularly wave mechanics, has helped us, as D.A. Wright has tried t explain the concept of a ghost in his article ‘A Theory of Ghosts’ (The Worm Runner’s Digest, 12, 95, 1971), to understand the probable explanation of some ghostly phenomena.

Wright presumes that a ghost is some object of the sort of elementary particles like neutrino in physics whose presence can be detected only by the secondary effects it will produce. Wright further says that a breath of wind will, therefore, more than suffice to start the ghost on a journey through the solar system, while 4100* minor interactions en route could eject it from the solar system on the way to the stars.


But if the death takes place in dungeons or in the interior of old castles with thick walls and small windows, the escape probability is very small even with the small mass we have determined and the ghost will haunt such a habitat for many years. Such a ghost with an extremely tiny mass may be sometimes set in such a rapid motion that its momentum although being small, yet will be large enough to displace lightweight objects on collision which may result into breakage of plates and throwing off of the substances in the room in a disconcerting manner.

If the present probable theory of existence of a ghost be true, then such a ghost may sometimes even penetrate into the body of a person and disturb all the bio-rhythmic cycles resulting into the abnormal behaviour of the person. The person will restore oneself to normal behaviour only if one is liberated of the ghost.

The existence of a ghost in the form of an elementary particle can also be examined in terms of soul further as under:unknownghosts


The soul has been compared with an elementary particle `mezon’ which moves in a definite direction under the influence of a magnetic field. Only one mezon particle can remain in an atom, just as one soul exists in one physical body. It is worth mentioning here that there exists a man in U.S.A., who can concentrate whole energy of his body at any point just as, say, at the tip of finger. Then he can even drill a hole in an iron plate with that finger. Moreover, when a man dies, he begins to cool down from feet to head and the energy begins to concentrate at a point in the body, mostly the eyes, where from the concentrated energy totally leaves the body and the man is then declared as dead.

It may, therefore, be contemplated that the total energy of the body concentrated in the form of an elementary particle like mezon, which may be called as ‘soul’. discarded the present physical garb of the body. Thus the soul or soul particle may live as a ghost and manifest itself in different forms and shapes also. The soul particle may also enter into some other physical embryo and have rebirth on earth. The soul particle may also escape the universe in a definite direction and be one with God, thus being freed from the earthly bonds forever. Such a soul particle can easily preserve the effects of previous lives. However, more search is needed in this respect and more mysteries are yet to be unravelled about the complexities of the astral world.

AN ANALYTICAL EXAMINATION                                                                                                              

Irrespective of the aforesaid theory of ghosts implying a probable explanation of the poltergeist phenomenon, the question of existence of ghost may also be analytically examined from the Marxist point of view in the following paragraphs.

It is quite obvious that different persons under the so-called influence of evil spirits exhibit diversified behaviour in a similar situation or it may be observed that an abnormal person through his abnormal behaviour very much reflects the degree of abnormality that may vary from person to person. It may be conjectured that ancient sages had tried to classify the levels of abnormalities in abnormal persons. A minimum level of abnormality was interpreted as saying that the person is under the influence of a giant. A person under the influence of a giant may even behave violently so much so that he may naturally be not controlled by an ordinary oculist. As a matter of fact, a person said to be no more a normal person especially when he behaves abnormally and there appears to be no harm if his mental level of abnormality is symbolically represented as if he behaves like giant.

In other words, he is under the influence of a giant. It is often said that a man after having taken a peg of whisky becomes a monkey which is simply a symbolical representation of the fact that the man after having taken a peg of whisky has started behaving like a monkey. But with the passage of time, probably through malpractices in the field of occultism, people began to think as if a giant is an alien body living in the hell or, places like a graveyard, who has descended down into the body of the affected person. Thus it is simply a semantic change in the meaning of the word ‘ghost’ that it has used to he misunderstood as one of the eighty four thousand species living on earth. In sacred books of Jaina canonical literature, supernatural bodies called ‘Vyantara Devas’ have been classified twenty two in number. Thus it appears that Jainacharyas were very keen in observation of different levels of abnormalities.


An oculist is simply a person who possesses a strong will power coupled with an adequate knowledge of dealing with the abnormal persons. The present author need not hesitate in admitting that he has helped several people of both sexes to get themselves liberated from different types of ghosts and many people believe that he is in possession of some powerful giants with whose help he can cure patients said to be under the influence of evil spirits.

But he openly admits that he had cured the patients through simply psychological counselling in non-drug therapy cases. It is however one of the techniques that he many times used terminology of ghosts keeping in view the mental standards of the caretakers and the patients themselves. Many a pill is sugar coated just to felicitate the patient in modern medicine.


Now the cause of sudden development of mental abnormality in a certain person has also to be sought for. In hydrodynamics, according to the vortex theory, the fluid in a wind-whirl or in a vortex in water near the waterfall in a canal, rotates sometimes with such a high velocity that an object having fallen prey to it can never escape from it until and unless it is rendered lifeless. A wind-whirl, not to talk of a cyclone, easily displaces some light weight objects as it is often witnessed in common experience.

It is often declared by elders to the children that there lives a ghost in the wind-whirl or a water vortex and the children are advised to keep.themselves away from them. The present author opines that ghost is also a synonym of an abundance of energy not easily controllable under normal conditions. Likewise there are energy vortices generated in atmosphere due to heavy bombardment of cosmic radiations upon earth. When a person is sometimes engulfed with’ an energy vortex, his bio-rhythms are disturbed and he may face a sudden development of,mental abnormality. A driver while in the grip of an energy vortex may he puzzled instantaneously and lose control of his vehicle.

Because the linear velocity of a vortex depends upon the number of vortices in its vicinity. Sometimes velocity of a vortex is almost negligible. In such a case, an energy vortex probably becomes the cause of repeated accidents at a particular place, such as a small area on any national highway. It is worthy of note that only a few drivers, not all, become victims of the energy vortex, whose mental vibrations become in tune with the angular velocity of the energy vortex.

Just as our ordinary ears cannot hear supersonic voices and our eyes cannot see infra-red and ultra-violet spectra of colours, persons blessed with high will power and strong determination are less prone to become victims of evil influences of wind-whirl, water, energy vortices etc. It may he conjectured that a strong energy vortex with a high angular velocity may sometimes displace light weight objects, cause burning through fire, produce sound not commonly heard etc. etc.


Now it has been proved by a Russian scientist that the degree of ionisation in the atmosphere affects the temperamental nature of human beings. Abundance of negatively charged particles causes people laugh whereas positively charged particles in abundance produce irritating behaviour. Therefore the possibility of the creation of something like energy vortex due to cosmic radiation is quite highlighted.

It has also been proved that left-handed driving disturbs calmness of the atmosphere much less than right-handed driving does. This is perhaps in accordance with the fact that the earth rotates about its axis in anticlockwise direction. Therefore the creation of a disturbing vortex in wind and cosmic energy can be easily thought of.


The idea of a ghost denoting an abundance of uncontrollable energy is also met with the nature. For example, electricity is in itself a ghost who, if controlled, serves the man in every possible manner but never forgives if the man falls in the grip of an electricity ghost. Flood water, if not controlled, proves to be a deadly ghost but if controlled, becomes a boon for irrigating the corn-fields. Such ghosts may be multiplied in nature. Man needs to know as to how control these ghosts and use them as good servants of mankind.


Now a mention may be made as how to get rid of ghosts. Sometimes the vortices get automatically dissolved and the ghosts associated therewith remain no more. Efforts may also be made on physical and mental planes so as to minimize the evil effects of ghosts.Psycho logical handling coupled with strong will power and determination should be adhered to while dealing with persons said to be under the influence of evil spirits. Several other occult practices should be judiciously applied for the benefit of mankind.

A rational approach to use occult practices is essential. Occult symbolism has as vet to he properly decoded. It need not be rejected outright, if not accepted. It may be worth-mentioning here that ninety percent of what the famous rationalist, Dr. A.Kovoor, has said about the exploiters of occultism is correct, but there still exists a world beyond the stars. The development of modern science has still to pave the way for unfolding the finer layers of the science of occultism. Probably occultism may come to rescue the man from the danger of nuclear ghost of twentieth century.

The World of Ghosts- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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