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Best Astrologer in London

“Wash away from the soul the dust of every day’s life “

By Vinayak Bhatt Foundation (best astrology services provider)

Best Astrologer in London: Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt.


Vinayak Bhatt the founder of Vinayak Bhatt foundation the renowned and best astrologer in London, has the ancient Vedic vision to solve all your problems with the best techniques. Vinayak Bhatt Foundation in association with him has been practising and providing a range of services in Vedic astrology. Either small or big, every problem has ended under our guidance. We analyse deeply every problem and provide the perfect resolution for everyone who so ever approaches us with our best astrological remedies. Our astrology services are unsurpassed with a wide variety of solutions.

Best Indian Astrologer in London

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology an ancient Indian science which mainly explains the motions of planets and their positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other living things on our planet earth. Vedic astrology is practised from past thousand years. In those early days they were only based on the movement of planets with respect to stars, eventually started including zodiac signs.

What are the main objectives of Vinayak Bhatt?

Whave two major missions which are as listed below:

1. Elevation of Vedic Astrology concepts:

All the concepts of Vedic astrology are promoted and various Vedic services such as Vedic Astrology or Jyotish are provided regarding various aspects of life like career, marriage, career, health and finances and kundali services. Vinayak Bhatt is experts in giving many remedial programs like Vedic Yagna and meditation and yoga along with gemstone consultations. Note that Yagnas are performed by a group of experienced group pandits and astrologers who work as a team.

2. Resurrecting the Vedic Literature:

Vinayak Bhatt foundation is established to revive or resurrect all the original Vedic literature and scriptures and we are also sharing the knowledge of Vedas to the people who are interested to learn and make them useful in their lives.

How does Vinayak Bhatt help you?

Vinayak Bhatt Foundation is providing several astrological services and consultations for you. Which is as follows:

• Rectification of Birthdate:

The past events can determine your birth time if you are not aware. Past events include will be your engagement, love affair, job transfer, suspension from job, small and major accidents, and illness, robbery, receiving an award or prize, foreign travel or any other particular event directly related to you of importance you can think of.

• Kundili or Horoscope matching:

After deep analysis of the provided details of both the man and woman. We provide you with an assessment of kundali by giving an analysed report of horoscope matching of you and your partner. Aspects like compatibility psychologically, biologically and understanding between them.

• Love and Marriage compatibility predictions:

Ieveryone’s life, Love and marriage carry a lot of importance. Love which is misguided can cause trouble for you. Marriage is a serious commitment for a long term. If you marry a person who has planets are not supportive for you, things are not to work well in your life. The relationship becomes miserable and horrible. In this context a Love and Marriage Prospects Report by Vinayak Bhatt with the association of the famous astrologer in LONDON, Vinayak Bhatt carries a lot of importance.

• Career Prediction:

Ilife, the major part is spent is assessing and progressing on the career. This is one major dimension that supports us in every way. Yet there are always many struggles and forceful acceptance of situations in our career. Finally, neither there is joy in working nor appreciation of our work. Vinayak Bhatt under the guidance of our best astrologer in LONDON, Vinayak Bhatt provides you with a direction with individual attention to your horoscope.

• Health prospects:

Health astrology horoscope is the investigation and diagnosis of medical problems via Indian Vedic astrology. Vinayak Bhatt acquires all the medical information through a natal or horoscope chart of a person i.e. how many times has fallen sick, resistance to certain diseases, weakness in the constitution, proneness to accidents, venerable to diseases, when to perform surgery or give medicine.

• Finance Prospects:

Money the only power that runs the world! Efforts that you widely spread in different directions seem successful when it brings in gain in finances. Few times, despite all efforts, the expected deals fall through. Though your level of dedication might have been complete, the planets would have backfired on you. Vinayak Bhatt the exceptional astrological services provider is here to your rescue.

We are also providing the solutions related to following problems:

  • Family issues
  • Love disputes
  • Inter caste marriage problem
  • Love relationship
  • Husband/wife problems
  • Perfect matching
  • Career problems
  • Business hurdles
  • Money issues

Exclusive Remedial programs provided by Vinayak Bhatt:

Vinayak Bhatt is providing various remedial programs like

  • Meditation: The enriched way to purify and enlighten our astral body is Meditation.
  • Yagnas:The ancient traditional and cultural way of performing Vedic worship is by Yagnas. This astrological remedy is mostly centred on the classical Vedic astrological scriptures.

Why choosing Vinayak Bhatt Foundation as your guide to Prosperity?

• Accurate predictions:

The Astrological analysis and assessment and remedies for them are provided by the famous Astrologer in London are always accurate and completely according to Vedic Astrology.

• Very Well organized, structured & detailed:

 The consultations and services provided by Astrologer are very clear and exceptionally well defined, he does a detailed and in-depth reading for you which he predicts your future in easily understandable manner.

• Astrology Services according to your convenience:

You will be able to obtain the famous Astrologer in London services as per your convenience – Astrology on Phone call Services, Online Astrology Services, Astrology Services on Skype video calls, Astrology on WhatsApp, any of them can be used.

• Always being Scientific:

There is always the scientific reason for everything in Astrology, and he does tell you that and give you a better understanding.

• Vedic Astrology to the core:

The services our best Astrologer in London provides are based on Indian Authentic Vedic Astrology. He does not encourage or appreciate any modification of the real meaning and the knowledge of these scriptures.

• Being Professional:

Always on time mentioned, anytime you needed. He maintains a professional consistency and dependable with his clients. 

• Has a Competitive Nature:

Our Astrologer has a highly competitive nature, because of which he always is keen on improving and advancing his Services and knowledge, so you can surely get the best.

• Confidential policies:

He is never going to share your birth details or other personal details or your personal problems with a third person. Yes, we promise that. You can even keep your identity to yourself if you do not want to reveal yourself, Vinayak Bhatt is just there in providing you with the best service.

• Friendly Nature:

Our top Astrologer in London though being professional providing you accurate Astrological advice and suggestions but he even maintains a human and friendly behaviour with his clients.

Get Your Astrology Consultation Done:

Vinayak Bhatt Foundation led by the best astrologer in London is providing consultation services through online through the Skype video calling and through offline that is through telephonic conversations and personal face to face appointments for your convenience.

Vinayak Bhatt Exclusive- THE COSMIC REPORT All in one combined PDF Report

complete and detailed PDF report Vinayak Bhatt exclusive called the ‘Cosmic Report’ which includes all your predictions regarding your Career, love life, Finance horoscopes, remedies measures, and Health related predictions in combined report.

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