Age of Maturity of Capricorn
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Capricorn ages are 18, 30, 42, 54, and 66

1) Note if an event concerning Capricorn happened at that age or

2) An event concerning a planet who is placed in Capricorn happened or

Explanation: If the house where Capricorn is placed got activated at that age e.g. if 10th lord is in 8th house of Capricorn (Gemini Ascendant ) then in 30th year (or 18,42,54,66 age) there was transformation (8H quality) or downfall in career or depression in career or high sadhana.

Chart 001
Chart 002

Example 1:-

Date of birth – 27/07/1985

Time of birth – 12.05 pm

Place of birth – Chandan Nagar near Calcutta.

3rd and 6th lord Jupiter is in Capricorn and makes impact on 8th, 10th and 12th house. Now the person is running his 29th year. He has qualified the teachers eligibility test(TET) and is going to be a teacher. As Jupiter is posited in Capricorn who is 3rd and 6th lord and making impact on 10th house.

When the peraon was 18 he had fallen seriously ill and faced an accident. He needed a operation to beable to walk freely so it seems as 6L in 4H of bed (bed ridden at home), as 6L of accidents this 6L Jupiter gave the result in 18th year thereby confirming the method.

Example 2

The native of the following chart had change of place in 18th year i.e. 1985 before his 18th birthday as 4th house represents “House”. He got a Car during 1996 July/Aug i.e. 30th year, as Capricorn is his 4thhouse (house of vehicle).