Free Gemstone Recommendation Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of Astrological Recommendation Gemstones to be worn?

The characteristics of Astrological gemstones are: Astrological gemstones should be perfect and good in color, good transparency and with a symmetrical shape and cut with decent luster and good transparency with no negative inclusions, (with the exception in Red Corals, Pearls and Opal gemstones, which are opaque gemstones with no or very less transparency).

Why are the prices of recommended gemstones are different?

We have categorized our gems into five categories namely – Economy (lowest quality i.e. lowest in color and clarity i.e. very less effective astrologically but natural) premium and super premium category (little better quality than economy i.e. little better in color and clarity than economy so, medium effective or slightly better effective than medium quality) and then luxury and then super luxury category( which are very good in quality i.e. very good in color and clarity and brilliance so very effective astrologically). So if you can go for luxury or super luxury category of gemstone from our website then it would be most effective and would give very good and fast results otherwise if the budget does not allow then you can go for the next quality i.e. super premium or premium category which would also give result but little less slower than super luxury and luxury ones.

How much weight of gemstone is recommended to be worn?

One should always try to wear approx. 10% gemstone weight (in carats) of the body weight of the wearer (in kgs) i.e. if the person who has to wear the gemstone is 70 kgs then his gemstone should be approx 7 carat but this should be the case only if the gemstone is medium quality (i.e. the super premium category gemstones of our website) and if the gemstones are high quality (i.e. the luxury and super luxury category gemstones of our website) then the gemstones can be approximately 6-8% of the body weight of the wearer and similarly if the gemstones are low quality (i.e. the premium and economy category gemstone of our website) then the gemstones should be approximately 12-14% of the body weight of the wearer.

How is the free gemstone recommendation report sent to the customer?

The free gemstone recommendation report sent to the customer through the e-mail and the links related to the remedies recommended are also shared in mails.

Why you should consult Vinayak Bhatt for Gemstone Recommendation?

Vinayak Bhatt is a renowned Vedic astrologer with extensive experience and expertise in gemstone recommendation based on astrology. Vinayak Bhatt utilizes Vedic astrology to provide personalized gemstone recommendations tailored to your unique astrological chart and life circumstances. His analyzes your birth chart and planetary positions to identify gemstones that can enhance your strengths, mitigate challenges, and bring overall balance to your life. Many clients have reported positive outcomes after following his advice. He recommends a variety of gemstones including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and others, depending on your astrological profile and specific needs.